Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey you! It's me! BEEBS! Yes, the SAME Beebs who's in charge of this whole shindig... I'm just wearing a funky black wig today. Figured some authentically goth locks would best compliment my lace petticoat skirt from Chicwish. I'm straight up addicted to Chicwish petticoat skirts, by the way. This one, with a Victorian babydoll flourish, is my third addition to the collection. The top is from Yes Style and the shoes are standby clogs from two winters ago... you know, back when they were still relevant thanks to FW collections from Chanel and Miu Miu. Now it's all about the barely-there-stiletto. Boo that. I love me a shoe that I can wear socks with. 


Hat - Zara
Wig - Serge's
Skull necklace - Danielle Christine
Witch blouse - YES STYLE
Belt - Brighton
Petticoat skirt - CHICWISH
Clogs - Candie's

Today I'm wearing ANOTHER gem from Danielle Christine's handmade jewelry collection! You can check out the rest of her work on her Etsy Shop and official website. We're talking necklaces like this one, bracelets, rings, even clothes with a retro flair! I'm especially fond of the piece I'm wearing here because I don dark themes constantly. A necklace with gothic motifs like skulls and crystals speaks to my inner-witch. Or, chants to it. Puts a spell on it. Possesses it. Anything except curses it. This gorgeous chain piece is a blessing. Be sure to like Danielle's Facebook page for updates about her gorgeous goodies! She's only 3 likes away from 1,000... let's help her make it to 4-digit territory! ^-^

P.S. Today is the last day you can get 30% off any merch in Danielle's Etsy shop with the code "SHOPSMALL." Happy Cyber Monday, people!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. This is amazing! You look really great with black hair! xx

  2. I love *everything* about this outfit. I have to say black hair would really fit you :)!

  3. That hair color actually suits you quite well!

  4. OH MY GOD. THIS OUTFIT. You look so fuckin awesome in that black wig. WOA.

  5. It's almost like a sexy gothic lolita thing you got going on there. Very cool.

    I have to say, you look fantastic with dark hair!

  6. that`s a awesome dress and you look great with blackhair :)

  7. I really love your skirt!!

  8. Absolutely adoring this look, very gothic but still so classy!


  9. This hair color fits you so well ! Amazing look as usual ! xo

  10. love the overall cool black but ladylike look.

    following you everywhere, guess you're fated to be followed. love ya! xx


  11. Love the clogs!!!


  12. you look pretty fine with black hair..

  13. Is is creepy if I say I love your eyebrows cuz they are matching your look perfectly? I assume it is.

  14. I love you hair black! It suits you a lot.
    And I have to agree Birdie, your eyebrows are amazing!

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  15. today I am starting to follow you blog!!!! you are landlady of only style ...and I love all your outfits!!!!you are amazing!!!

  16. Your are simply divine as per!!! Your blog was the first one I ever saw and I still keep up with you. Fabulous! xx

  17. I'm all for bold brows, but they should be even and the correct shape.

  18. Thanks again for rockin my jewels!!


  19. bebe ur outfits are looking gorgeous but the overdone lip & brows on every look are making it all look cheap and mall goth. u are so naturally beautiful, i think you'd look soooo much better if u lighten it up!!! just try darkening the real shape of ur brows, and stay inside the lines of ur lips and you'd get a *flatteringly* bold & still badass look. Love, a fan. <3