Wednesday, May 15, 2013


When I first ordered this "Neptune Cadet" dress from Sugarlips, I imagined myself wearing it with sky-high silver heels, crystal rhinestones all over my face, and a spiked headband. But somehow I find myself rocking it with sneakers and a snapback instead! What's happening to me?! It's like I can't will myself into wearing those standard space luxe ensembles anymore... I need my laces, my studded streetwear, my hoodie and a fresh attitude.


Snapback - ROMWE
Silver cuff necklace - ROMWE
Hoodie - YES STYLE
Faux fur vest (layered over jacket) - ROMWE
"Neptune Cadet dress" - SUGARLIPS
"Opall sneakers" - G BY GUESS

So I guess I'm a total sneakerhead these days. Can't help it. Need to optimize my fancy footwork at all times, and these sparkling G by Guess Opall sneakers do the trick dangerously well. Not to mention the fact their pewter sparkles go perfectly with my silver dress... it's a match made on Neptune.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva 


  1. oh my fucking god your hair is perfection

  2. You ROCK! I loved your last post too. You told those haters off BIG TIME. Anyway, those sneakers are very cute and the dress is AMAZING. Keep posting!

  3. Loving your jacket
    S xx

  4. THAT DRESS IS LITERALLY THE BEST. Can I also talk about HOW RAD YOUR MAKE-UP GAME IS??? That literally the look I'm going for and YOU PULL IT OFF LIKE A TOTAL QUEEN <3

  5. You continue to amaze in the skirt/sneaker combo. Very hot! Keep them coming.

  6. Gorgeous coat, you look awesome xx

  7. I love how you gained a little weight, compared to one year ago. Don't take this wrong, it's not meant to be negative or say that you're fat or anything like that! It's just totally you and it shows that you don't give a shit about it. Beside that, you prove that you're still fucking gorgeous, and you make the girls who only eat salades look like fucking fools ;)

  8. I like it very much :-)

  9. Amazing dress!

    Emma x

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