Friday, October 24, 2014

phantasma glory

Somehow this outfit title changed from Phantasmagoria to Phantasmagloria to Phantasma Glory... a kinetic portmanteau and image of itself. Goes on and on and on, like the fractal prints on my Tunnel Vision top. Yes, the look is print crazy. But it has to be to justify a name that simultaneously references kaleidoscopic visions and purple flowers. 

I've worn this skirt a ZILLION times, photographed it a zillion more, and have a zillion and one memories of myself rocking it as early as 8th grade. It's sort of a historical clothing article, which makes the outstretched elastic waistband even more tragic. My huge green belt (another vintage keepsake) saves the day every time.

Romwe floral kimono, Tunnel Vision top, vintage skirt, Wanted boots

Everything is infinite,



  1. Wow you really know how to pick kimonos. I like this one, same with the other kimono with the pastel-like colors you posted the other day.

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  2. You might have gone print crazy but it work! In those pictures, you look like an old boho hollywood movie star xo

    MD |

  3. I love the colours, it all works so well together!

  4. Elastic waistband is usually easy to replace. Just open a small part of the waistband from inside (2-3 inches), slide out shot elastic, then replace with new elastic of the same width and length, pushing it in by attaching a large safety pin to one end and pushing from that end. Makes an annoying process easier. Then sew your small opening closed.

  5. You look lovely.
    I really like those sunglasses.

    Eea P

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