Wednesday, January 7, 2015

cotton candid

Oh how I yearn for the days of not getting my ass kicked. I'm talking about the weather, not the fact that I'm a bully's pipsqueak dream victim. Every time I leave the house I get assaulted by 1) perfectly tolerable winter temperatures that feel like summer to Minnesotans but hell frozen over to me 2) extremely RUDE wind currents that have absolutely no respect for my hairstyle. So I'm left longing for the days of tie-dye tank dresses and frivolous faux fur... ya know. Back when your life didn't literally depend on your vestiary armor. 

This pastel power combo features a hippie dippie Romwe tank and platform boots from Echo Club House (formerly Swaychic). Matched le transparent pink Claire's purse to le transparent pink cap and called it macaroni.

Romwe rainbow print dressDaily Look coat, 24 HRS snapback, Cobrashop aviators, Echo Club House "Under Construction" boots

Everything is infinite,



  1. that looks so amazing !

  2. Really diggin' that tie dye and I hear ya, summer cannot come soon enough.
    You're right, the wind has no respect for hairstyles.

  3. That cap is crazy - lovin it

  4. That dress is like an explosion of ideas :) xoxo

  5. this is the best outfit I've seen in forever!!

    Aine Oh

  6. Such a fun outfit. Love it.

    Eea P

  7. I would never think of this fun combination! I love it :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  8. I love how creative and expressive you are with your style. Your posts are so engaging, you're a great writer. You look beautiful as usual x, S

  9. Love it!!!