Monday, December 31, 2012


LAST POST OF 2012 SO WHAT BETTER WAY TO HONOR THE OCCASION THAN WITH AN OUTFIT HOMAGE TO THE DECADE IN WHICH I WAS BORN?!?! I'm repping '93 and the golden age of grunge. Surely the concept of a superficial fashion post about the aesthetic elements of an anti-corporate movement comes across as irritating and ironic to 90s OG's, but since I'm already pretty progressive, I think I can get away with this one. ;-) I went with the most classic vintage (or vintage look-a-like) pieces in my wardrobe to capture the essence of a generation that survived on garage rock and microwaveable burritos. My greatest accessory: a sticker-coated Walkman and Pavement cassette in tow.


Sunglasses - Buffalo Exchange
Tattoo choker - Cobrashop
Guitar pick necklace - Gift from my friend Leigh Alexander, my #1 90s style advisor
Cargo aviator coat - Chicwish
Calvin Klein crop top - Vintage from Shoppalu
Plaid shirt - Ralph Lauren
Denim circle skirt - Chicwish
Skechers boots - Buffalo Exchange

There's a million and one other sartorial ways to do the 90s justice. Crew neck sweaters with a single navy stripe across the chest, paired with Dr. Martens and light-wash boot cut jeans. Middle-parted brown bowl cuts for the dudes, pixie 'dos with maroon lipstick for the chicks. Inspiration is endless. What's even crazier is that the next generation will look back at us, pioneers of fashion in our own respect, and admire the styles we take for granted in 2012. Here's to 2013 -- savor every trend, relish your youth, adore the present like it's a page out of tomorrow's cherished history textbook (or nostalgic Tumblr reblog in the future of URL). Doesn't always feel like it when it's happening, but maybe your golden age is right now. So respect the shit out of it. It's a concept as obvious as it is underappreciated... so make a change and take advantage! You never know.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. madly in love with those boots

    -em x

  2. Amazing looks ! I unfortunately wasn't born in that area, my sunglasses were in the pink shade and I was obsessed with Hilary Duff and Britney Spears, I wore crop tops all the time !

    I really love your style ! xo

  3. I love this look to the boots to everything yayyyyy to the 90s

  4. You always look so cool; wish I had enough confidence to pull off the 90s revival. Those boots are so amazing too!
    Have a great NY!

  5. awesome outfit!!

    Hayley xx

  6. Loving the jacket :)

  7. god damn u got me jonesin for a pair of sketchers boots

  8. Happy,new year!!!
    Love your blog so much....
    Great hair in this pic;)

    You are a gorgeous Inspiration for me.
    Love MiKu

  9. absolutely adore the boots and the sunglasses. have a happy new year btw! xx


  10. amazing!

  11. gorgeous! I love your hair! xx

  12. love your parka! happy new year!!

  13. Such a sweet look, love the boots and coat :) x

  14. Holla to the kids of '93! Killer boots!
    Megan xxx

  15. Yeah, repping for 90s bitches everywhere! Best generation ;P Looking tres cool as always. Happy new year :)

  16. This hair is so working for you!! I didn't check your blog for a week or so, I was happily shocked when I saw the blonde transition!

  17. Your just too cool, definitely one of my biggest fashion icons. I absolutely love your blog Bebe.

  18. If you’d ask me the outfit is still chic! Way back, I was madly in love with that jacket and I would still love to wear it. And yeah, we didn’t have an Ipod but we had the walkman. Evolution, eh?


    Joel Salmon

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  20. don't do that to your eyebrows. Instead of being beautiful (as you appear to be) you look like a drag queen..

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