Tuesday, February 28, 2012


When I first laid out this outfit, I imagined that it'd be much more gauzy and gothic. The concept of a leather, velvet, and transparent robe triforce seems witchy... like maybe a Stevie Nicks stage costume. But when I paired the fundamentals (skirt, corset top, see-through shawl) with accessories better suited for a fancy dinner than rock concert, I ended up with this. Dressy party-wear for one of those events where everybody eats expensive cheese and talks about film noir. Don't get me wrong, I love me some brie, but my ideal affair is a tad darker... some witch house band playing a live set while everybody takes pictures of each other and eats barbecue potato chips.

Hat - Secondhand
Glasses - 80s Purple, www.80spurple.com
Necklaces - Chanel
Corset top - NATIVE HEART, www.nativeheart.bigcartel.com
Skirt - YES STYLE, www.yesstyle.com
Belt - Brighton
Heels - ROMWE, www.romwe.com
Bag - Michael Kors

I don't treat myself to new shoes too often (J FREAKIN K) but when I do, sometimes I value novelty over practicality. Not in this case. These black sandals with a thick heel are the perfect departure from my more traditional black stiletto pumps. Glad to have something a little more casual to pair with or without socks.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, February 27, 2012


Amazing new gold embroidered dress to wear with my favorite bolero jacket, compliments to Sheinside.com! I'm sure you remember me raving about my bejeweled jacket back in October. Even though I've had it for years (and my mom owned it for years before I was even born), it still makes me froth at the mouth when I see it in my closet. Would I be overreacting if I said it deserved a shrine? I want to preserve it for eternity. Sometimes the golden threads come loose and I have to pull them away from the fabric. It's really tragic, makes me worry about my jacket's inanimate health. If there's one thing that separates me from other bloggers, it's how excited I get about things that most people would only passively appreciate. This shiny velvet "garment" is so much more than just an article of clothing... it's a wearable keepsake of memories.

Bowler hat - ROMWE, www.romwe.com
Sunglasses - 80s Purple, www.80spurple.com
Velvet bolero - Vintage
Platform boots - ZIGI, www.karmaloop.com

Very happy to finally debut my boots sans bell bottoms. Now you can REALLY see how chunky and delicious they are. Also - my dress. SERIOUSLY! I've been waiting months to own a garment with that mock-double breasted military accent. Black and gold... the best. I gotta start filling you guys in on my fashion-wants-and-needs. Not that you care. Do you care?! Omg I'm having an existential crisis :-( plz talk 2 me.

I wore this for a night out with my mom and sister. We dined at Wazuzu, an Asian restaurant at the Encore as a sort of belated Valentine's Day dinner. The single joy of living in Vegas is having a million 5-star restaurant choices in walking distance from your bedroom. And if there's one thing I love more than fashion... it's food.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Sunday, February 26, 2012


"Remember me?" my tartan skirt asks. He made his last appearance in a preppy schoolgirl look, so I gave him another chance to woo you with his punkier potential. I wore this to class last week, and when I walked in, my professor said "you're all 80s punk today! I hope someone comes in wearing a mod 1960s look to balance it out." I told her that I'd wear a mod outfit next week. And that I take requests. Should I take requests? Yes, I think I should. If you have an idea, tell me here. There's a million and one ways to wear a plaid mini. I've seen Jessi rock a red kilt skirt with every color and shoe combo imaginable. Somehow it always looks good... kinda like plaid skirts have this all-powerful presence where whatever they say goes. Makes me want to get REALLY wild with experimentation... and by 'wild' of course I mean zebra print and leopard.

Beanie - H&M
Sunglasses - 80s Purple, www.80spurple.com
Leather jacket - Diesel
Rolling stones tee - Secondhand
Cross necklace - THIS IS TRANSITION, http://www.thisistransition.com/oto-gelb
Skirt - YES STYLE, www.yesstyle.com
Platforms - NATURAL COLOUR, www.natural-colour.com

(P.S. sorry about my scratch/chin bruise/knee abrasion... I fell face-forward on concrete a few days ago while sprinting to the bus stop! Not pretty.)

I hope you guys are ready to get high on pictures of my AMERICAN FLAG PLATFORMS. Can't you imagine my face when I found these on Natural Colour???? No? Is that because I never make expressions besides 'bored' 'aloof' 'vaguely angry' and 'detached' while photographing mysef?? Except for THAT ONE TIME. Just try to imagine someone seeing what they consider to be actually THE best flat shoes in their closet for the first time ever. I feel bad for my plain black creepers because they're obsolete now that I have lace-ups with flag print. Sorry, bad boys... y'all got put out of a job with no severance package. Step up your game! You can buy these babies HERE.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, February 24, 2012


Usually I wear this corduroy cap backwards, but I figure a newsboy style is more true to to my derby theme than a beret. For my next equestrian look, I'll need two things: a pair of dark jodhpurs and a gorgeous black stallion. I should marry a prince, huh? I am WAY more deserving of a place in the Royal Family than boring Kate Middleton. Can definitely see myself playing a posh game of polo every Sunday morning.

Cap - Practically vintage
Necklace - Betsey Johnson
Cardigan - Ralph Lauren
Turtleneck - Zara
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Zara
Lace-up booties - Natural Colour, http://www.natural-colour.com/goods.php?id=2122
Bag - Versace

Since a lot of out-of-towners have recently reached out to me for entertainment advice in Vegas, I'm putting up a picture of a shopping guide I created for a Nylon newsletter last August!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


You know what would really match my outfit?? I mean, even better than a shark-tooth necklace or knit beanie? A hot pink Jeep. I went easy on the accessories with this look because I knew that nothing would truly compare to a fluorescent car. It's funny how when you set your heart on achieving some glorious material possession, everything that isn't that one thing seems so pathetic in comparison. And yep, guess that includes all the necklaces and fishnet hats and ruffly socks I once thought were the bomb shit. Now they're just literal shit. In comparison to the hot pink fantasy jeep I officially must own. Sucks to be this materialistic. I don't even have a license but I need a four-wheel drive to match my outfit? AMERICA LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!!!

Sunglasses - 80s Purple, www.80spurple.com
Jacket - Levi's
Neon crop top - VS PINK, www.victoriassecret.com/pinkcroptop
Lace-up boots - YES STYLE, www.yesstyle.com

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y I have a new pair of black lace-ups. I've given up on the secondhand Doc Martens I bought at Buffalo Exchange last year. At first I thought the intense discomfort they caused was a normal consequence of them being stiff and unfamiliar to the shape of my foot. Nope. They were just two sizes too small and improperly labeled at the thrift store! Seven months and 500 band-aids later, my entire big toe-nail fell off from trauma and bruising. Wah wah wah. But now I own these ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, NO BUTTS ABOUT IT boots from Yes Style and they are actually, literally, undeniably, completely perfect, as in the most comfortable shoes I have EVER owned. I was walking to school the other day and I thought, "dude, you know what's cool? The fact that I haven't thought about my shoes in at least 20 minutes." Normally my mind is completely focused on the fact that my feet hurt. But lately, nah! In orthopedic bliss. Except for two nights ago when I had a nightmare about these insane nail bruises consuming all ten of my toes and woke up in EXCRUCIATING pain. What the heck is my problem?? That's the last time I wear tights while sleeping... man, I guess I have way more toe stories than I thought!

Last but oh-my-god most DEFINITELY not least, I'm hosting a giveaway that entails YOU GUYS getting free (and FANCY) dresses from a site that specializes in custom gowns for any occasion! It's called promdressesale.net, and if you complete the following steps...

1) Register on their website
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...you might get selected to have any dress from the site custom made at your request. For free! The giveaway ends next week, and you'll be contacted promptly by either me or the gown-makers if you're one of the winners!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Safe to say I've found the ULTIMATE ironic t-shirt. Though I'm rockin' a text tee with "PINK GIRLS KNOW HOW TO PARTY" emblazoned across the chest, I'm definitely not a hard partier. Really. At every birthday bash, I'm the girl in the corner answering formspring questions on her iPhone while you're getting smashed on Mike's Hard Lemonade. No, I don't need a beer to coerce me into crawling on top of the furniture while dancing provocatively to Ace of Base. Yes, I am shameless enough to reclaim Britney Spears' "Slave 4 U" 2001 dance moves while sober. No, I'm sincerely not embarrassed.

Sunglasses - 80s Purple, www.80spurple.com
Leopard top - Secondhand
Graphic crop tee - VS PINK, www.victoriassecret.com/pinkgirlsknowhowtoparty
Shorts - VS PINK, www.victoriassecret.com/pinkneonshorts
Creepers - Classified

Not sure what you guys wear to parties, but I think this outfit here is an ideal look for me. Normally I wear giant heels, but I recognize that creepers are more functional because 1) they're easier to dance in and 2) you probably won't trip over in them while drunk-stumbling to the toilet in the guest bathroom. I layered on the jewelry for that 'heavy metal' look... one part music genre, two parts literal interpretation of the junk hanging from my neck and fingers. Aaaand I threw a Chanel necklace into the mix as a big 'eff you' to Coco for trying to convince me that minimalism is cool. Yeah right!!!! *raises red cup and chugs*

Wish I had more to say, but I'm still reeling from an incredible weekend with Jessi and need some time to recoup my intellectual energy. Spend too many hours thinking in terms of "which hotel on the Las Vegas strip has the gimmickiest architecture for maximizing our Instagram experience?" and you'll forget how to craft a decent blog post! I've got an exciting giveaway to announce tomorrow, so stay tuned! Much love.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva