Saturday, June 22, 2013


Another day, another item from Heavenly Couture's $16 or less selection! I'm wearing a utility blouse tucked into a Motel Rocks circle skirt with Pink & Pepper peeptoe heels. The look is flirtatious, summery, and (my idea of) timeless. Besides the tribal-esque fabric on my shoes, I'm not repping many trends here. Mostly just falling back on classic staples like a floppy hat and red lipstick. 

Floppy hat - Karmaloop
Necklace - Chanel
"Shaish Light Longsleeve Utility Blouse" - HEAVENLY COUTURE
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Motel Rocks
Heels - Pink & Pepper

Today's lonesome necklace is a far cry from yesterday's jewelry overload. While I think this outfit translates well from day to night, the minimalist motifs make it a better fit for evening. As always, check out Pink & Pepper for more date-appropriate styles. ^-^

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, June 21, 2013


I've always felt like best outfit for a California road trip is a a baggy t-shirt or sweater, ripped jeans, boots, and turquoise jewelry. Maybe it has to do with that western rock and roll vibe. I like to feel in character while I'm on my way to a new place. Something about torn-up pants and a leather vest feels true to the vagabond spirit, especially while tearing up the highway en route through the mountains. 

Head chain - Funny People Co.
Leopard sweater - Yes Style
"Romeo & Juliet Stitched Vest" - HEAVENLY COUTURE
Ripped jeans - Pac Sun
"Fab Boots" - PINK & PEPPER / Piperlime

About Heavenly Couture -- EVERYTHING IS $16 OR LESS. A million and one people have messaged me on asking for affordable online shopping options and Heavenly Couture is honestly as good as it gets. The fact that a leather vest in excellent condition and quality was priced so low is beyond me and I'm not questioning it. Just kind of quietly worshiping the lovely person that sent it to me. 

My Fab boots, which are *literally fab*, are from Pink & Pepper... and I think it's pretty obvious! My Pink & Pepper shoes all have a signature flair. Like they're related. Heh. You can find this pair on DSWPiperlime, or Amazon!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Where on earth could I be going in such a swanky dress and jacket, eh? Only the best of the very best, a small Pho restaurant in Vegas' Chinatown mall, which has pretty much monopolized my recent dining outings.  I didn't realize that this dress, in all its luxurious gold and ruby patterned glory, was actually REALLY short when I ordered it off Yes Style, probably because the models on that website have no asses and therefore dresses don't ride up their backside like they do on me. No offense. But anyway, slipping into a pair of skin-tight leatherette shorts last minute solved that would-be fashion mishap in a flash. *hits cymbals*

Bowler cap / Gold necklace - ROMWE
Cropped dress - YES STYLE
Fuchsia blazer - FAIRGROUND
Suede heels - Persunmall

The clear winner in this outfit's battle-of-the-separates is my fuchsia blazer with gold embroidered nautical motifs on the sleeve. How cute is it that they look like a watch and bracelet? Now that's the definition of clever. Fairground kills it every season, so I'm not surprised that they came up with this gorgeous jacket (and a matching peplum dress that I've yet to debut). In fact, I'm so obsessed with their inventory that I'm gonna have to arrange a collage of all my favorite pieces from their site to give you a true introduction. Stay tuned. Or peep their online store in advance and save yourself the anticipation. ;)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


What a perfect little number this Daily Look pink and leopard dress is. It's definitely cute enough to wear solo with no accessories cramping its glamour, but... you know me. Had to indulge in the faux fur. As for the cap -- I must wear a hat these days to hide my dark roots! They are out of control and I have NO idea how to stop them because I've never dyed my hair myself. Bleaching only one patch of hair seems extremely complicated and also HIGH PRESSURE because - hello - it's bleach, and that shit fries ya follicles. But I'm really not in the mood (or financial position) to drop another $200 on a professional appointment. So. Until I make up my mind about how to tame these brunette beasts, I'll be wearing caps like my life depends on it. Because my social reputation does, and that's about the same thing. 

Cap - Vintage
Cuff necklace - OASAP
"Chain and Leopard Shift Dress" - Daily Look
Faux fur vest - Boohoo
Patent heels - Daily Look

It's also come to my attention that I wear this silver cuff necklace WAY TOO FREAKIN' OFTEN and I'm worried that you guys are starting to get peeved with my lack of accessory originality. I can hear the haters now... "new outfit post from Bebe? Oh great, I can't wait to see what outfit she paired with that stupid silver necklace THIS week." I'm sorry to have failed you... it's just... a really cute necklace. :(


Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I originally planned to wear this outfit on my 20th birthday in May, but since my mom made reservations at a swanky steakhouse, I chose to sport an outfit a little less ostentatious -- a modest Givenchy shirt dress and leather pants. This ensemble is quite the opposite: unapologetically glamorous, marinated in fluorescing pastels, and accessorized with all my (hopefully) head-turning signatures.


"Embellished Leopard Snapback" - OASAP
"Faux fur coat" - OASAP
"Tie Back Galaxy Dress" - Daily Look
White pumps - YES STYLE

I hope that between now and the next time I choose to wear this dress I find a pair of more functional white shoes. I used to have a pair of platform wedges that were comfortable enough to wear for long distances. But I pretty much destroyed them on a rainy night in San Francisco... it's happened with all my favorite suede shoes. These pointed pumps are just as cute but not as practical unfortunately... I don't think I could hit up a festival in heels. Definitely not ambitious enough to try it out. So I'm on the hunt for chunky white shoes. Preferably ones with a major platform. If you have any ideas, share them please!! ^-^

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, June 17, 2013


I felt like a seriously swagged out ballerina in this look -- a magenta skirt as poofy as a tutu paired with a lilac vintage blouse from the boos at Tunnel Vision (my favorite online retailer for *legit* vintage apparel sourced from the best thrift stores in America). Snapback was obvious. I hardly leave the house without one. I've been in this dependent condition for about nine months and so far I have NO interest in curing the addiction. As for the boots - I used to be addicted to those, too. About a year ago. Then I kinda stopped wearing platforms because I was more interested in sneaker wedges. Nowadays I'm more open to the idea of variety and less to the idea of sartorial commitment. It's kinda like I have a polyamorous relationship with shoes. 

"Skull Embellish Snapback" - OASAP
Vintage hibiscus blouse - TUNNEL VISION
Magenta skirt - CHICWISH
Zigi boots - Karmaloop

It took me F O R E V E R to finally will myself to wearing this outfit (and photograph it). Not because I was too embarrassed to be seen in public wearing something "gaudy" (um, hello, self-proclaimed and proud outcast over here) but because I felt like no occasion would ever be good enough to honor with a match as trill as this one. But after enough deliberation I realized that any event is as good as you make it. And as long as you're surrounded by fun company, the event's 'glamour' (or lack thereof) doesn't really matter.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I come from the fashion camp that believes there's no such thing as "too much" leather. A lot of people complain that if you go 'overboard' with one element in your outfit, the entire ensemble becomes gimmicky instead of chic. I agree that referencing only one motif without contrast, like wearing head-to-toe lime green or five polka dot accessories, is borderline costume. Not fashion. Certainly not casual (not that fashion needs to be casual every time anyway). But for whatever reason, leather has a charm that renders is exempt from this rule. You could wear a dozen leather accessories on top of a full leather get-up and still look rad. And maybe even casual. At any rate, I'm hoping this leather foursome isn't overkill.

"DUMP Cap" - Aloha From Deer
"Cult by Lip Service Lace Cropped Moto Jacket" - 24HRSLeather bralette - ROMWE
Leather shorts - Chicwish
UNIF Hellbounds - Solestruck

This lovely lace-and-leather jacket entered my life a couple days after my birthday as a gift from my favorite person in the observable universe, Madeline. Besides working at 24HRS, the store that stocks this jacket (and two bomb-ass vests that I'll photograph and blog about within the next week), Madeline operates a fashion blog called Jean Greige, where she talks politics, feminism, philosophy, and lifestyle. In completely unpretentious vernacular and with RAD AS HELL pictures of her wearing crazy shoes and chunky jewelry to boot. I'm getting a huge kick out of how I sound like I'm introducing Madeline to you guys, when most of you probably already know who she is because she is literally my queen, and I've already dedicated a blog post to her about what a freakin' superhero she is. But, in the unlikely event that you're new here, FOLLOW MAD'S BLOG and get with the program. 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, June 14, 2013


Paisley and ombre and snapbacks, oh my. I'm wearing one of my new favorite blouses from Bold Cupcake -- it's a sheer button-up decorated in a paisley fractal print and blue gradient. Really doesn't get better than a pattern so intricate it's mathematic. Special place in my heart for ombre, too. Reminds me of a perfect sunset. I paired the top with lavish chains, purple lipstick, and a pair of new but seemingly vintage denim shorts from Shop Gipsy Pixie. The look is lush and rustic simultaneously. About that sartorial paradox yo.


"Diamond Eyer 5 Panel Hat" - YOURS TRULY 
"Paisley Ocean Button Up" - Bold Cupcake
"Denim Paper Bag shorts" - Shop Gipsy Pixie
Backpack - YES STYLE
Teal socks - c/o American Apparel
Boots - Wanted

Still going strong with my tiny backpack romance... have a baby backpack you don't want? I can definitely take care of that for you. It's my goal to find a backpack so high fashion that I can wear it to the club without security questioning me like I'm trying to smuggle in five bottles of Smirnoff. Come on bud, I'm just tryna dance.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva