Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Somewhere between genuinely patriotic and aggressively anarchistic exists this "little number". I'd hardly call it a political statement... if anything, it's meant to highlight my predilection for irony. Above all else, I'm just trying to live large and loud! This outfit best sums up my 'most likely ensemble' for an average day in Hollywood. Binge-eating Burger King, surfing the secondhand selection, taking a timely stroll through Los Feliz Village... this is undoubtedly my go-to get-up.

Headband- 99 Cent store
Sunglasses- 80s Purple
Necklace- Keys To My Castle,
Jacket- Mustang Exchange, personalized
Tank top- ONCE YOUTH,
Shorts- ROMWE,
Socks- Forever 21
Creepers- Classified

Who doesn't love some patriot prints...


Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey everybody! In case you haven't already heard, Bobbi Brown launched a campaign that encourages women to recognize their inner-strength, confidence, and effortless beauty. It's called "PRETTY POWERFUL" because any woman can be pretty once she channels her personal power. In honor of the campaign, I've chosen to introduce you to a particularly powerful and positively pretty girl in my life... my sister!

Rachel has developed her own distinct sense of style and commands a strong presence as a self-identified feminist and art enthusiast. Her beauty expands beyond what's visible- it's the manner in which she carries herself that defines her identity. Rachel is ruthless, relentless, and resilient. She stands up for whatever she believes in wherever she is. Best of all, she stands up for herself.

You can follow in the footsteps of every dynamic Bobbi Brown girl by leaving a comment describing the qualities that make YOU pretty powerful! The reader with the best response will win a Bobbi Brown makeup palette!! That's right- I'm doing a giveaway!

Read more about the Pretty Powerful campaign right HERE and vote for your favorite Pretty Powerful campaign contestant. Don't forget- you can always enter and become the face of your state!!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


Here's another festival look, this time from Hard Fest in early August! I figured the black would somehow stand out among the neon rave-wear. Great choice for a stuffy summer night, perfect for getting wild in the crowd of a Chromeo concert. This dress is part of the latest JONES + JONES collection. It features accordion pleats, petticoat layers, ruffled collars, and sheer sleeves. Needless to say- my all-time favorite dress. If you can think of any garment that fits me more perfectly, please bring it to my attention, although I sincerely don't believe one exists. This dress is all that matters to me anymore!!

Fedora- Saks Fifth Avenue
Dress- Jones + Jones,
Socks- Forever 21
Ankle Boots- Secondhand

You should already know that this is my twitter icon... and if you don't... guess that means you don't follow me. Which better end by the time I get to the period at the end of this dependent clause posing as a complete sentence.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Lately I've heard a lot of requests from curious readers regarding the 'proper implementation of the twee aesthetic'. Granted, I was born in '93 and missed most of the fashion craze and cues, but from what I understand, this outfit fits the bill.

White hat- Vintage
Cateye sunglasses- Secondhand, Mustang Exchange
Dress- Secondhand, Savers
Socks- Romwe,
Lace-up booties- Wanted,

Notice that most of the outfit is comprised of secondhand staples. If you got your dress from Urban Outfitters or Forever 21, it's probably not 'authentically twee'. There's a good chance this daisy dress came from 1992 thereby giving it at least twice as much street cred. Because street cred counts in the Tweeniverse. (It doesn't.)

The pattern on this dress is not your average "floral print". A small, realistic depiction of roses is not nearly as twee as a campy series of graphically-rendered sunflowers. Trust me on this one.

9a26b - Click for Next Image...

The cat-eye sunglasses are distinctly vintage and non-conventional. Gotta look like you support local "mom and pop boutiques" vs. corporate retailers that mass produce colored wayfarers.

Little lace-up booties. Because macrame is twee. Alternatives include oxfords with socks and loafers with tassels. D'aw.

Hope that helped and PRAY that my subtle sarcasm wasn't lost in translation. I think that if I use the word "twee" one more time (oops!) your ear canals might self-implode. Guess I'll leave you with this: style is one part fashion and two parts identity. Your character and closet are closely intertwined!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, August 22, 2011


While I certainly don't cite the show as a source of inspiration, this outfit doesn't seem too far from what a Gossip Girl might wear in September. It has a scholarly vibe, one way or another, and maintains a hint of tasteful innocence with its pale pastels and girly textures. I added the detachable collar to the crop top for a fresh look that adds much needed flair to my chest. I'm an addict to accessories!

Collar- Romwe,
Necklace- Chanel
Blazer- Marc Jacobs
Skirts- Romwe,
Socks- Icing
Wedges- Jeffrey Campbell
Bag- Valentino

The whole concept of 'collegiate chic' is warming up to me tremendously. Now that I'm a college student, I may as well dress the part at least once a week! I'll spend the remaining six days bending the rules and starting a riot.

IN OTHER NEWS... I'M ON THE NEWS! Watch my interview with the local TV station about blogs, fashion, and WWD MAGIC! :)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva