Thursday, June 28, 2012


A year and a half ago I sported this same hat-and-skirt combination at the WWD Magic tradeshow with Teen Vogue. So much has changed between now and then; my priorities have evolved beyond fashion, satirical culture blogs, and (let’s be real) self-indulgent essay writing. They’re now concentrated in feminism, political theory, and empowerment through sartorial self-expression. But one thing hasn’t changed, and it’s my love affair with this vintage Oilily skirt’s bold patchwork print. You might disagree with my standards for ‘vintage,’ (more than 5 years old and no longer in production? Definitely an antique.) but there’s NO argument that this rainbow bell skirt will lure you into a bohemian trance with just one twirl. Toss a curtsey into the mix and you’re gone for good. No escaping my Technicolor mix of paisley panels and plaid. Are you drowning yet? Under water in rapt infatuation with its corduroy peaks and troughs? The only thing that justifies my obsession with the skirt (and annoying tendency to wear it over and over again) is the skirt itself.

Floppy hat – August, Macy’s
Blazer – Laundry
Paisley top – Saks Fifth Avenue
Belt – Secondhand
Skirt – Oilily (a kid’s brand! Does this validate my claim about the skirt being a vintage piece?)
Aztec print pumps – Pink & Pepper

You remember my formal introduction to this t-shirt from my 19th birthday post, right? RIGHTTTTT? Because you’re such loyal blog readers that you mentally catalog every photo I’ve ever taken and can totally recite the date on which it was published? Man, you guys make me blush! Anyway, if this shirt doesn’t look at all familiar to you, consider this your first meet-and-greet of many. I can’t imagine that a loose rayon top with all of my favorite colors splayed across one ream of fabric WOULDN’T become a summer staple item. Thanks, Mom. Sometimes I underestimate how well you get my taste!

The shoes are, just wow. Dark brown, hidden platform peeptoe pumps with an Aztec backside detail and burnt orange ankle straps! Ugh, useless trying to translate their Western wonder into words. Obviously it can’t be described; it must instead be silently appreciated. Well, maybe not appreciated in TOTAL silence. I’ll permit a couple squeals and some aspirate screaming because you probably can’t help it… they’re just that cute. Unfortunately, this particular pair of pumps isn't for sale yet online, but you can browse the rest of the collection on DSW right here

Everything is infinite,
Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I’ve mentioned before that absence makes the heart grow fonder in terms of collegiate themes in fashion, but I think I’ve really outdone myself with this look. The more time I spend outside of school, the more effort I put into looking like I belong there sartorially. Need proof? This outfit. A white blouse buttoned straight up to the neck is WAY too conservative for summer, but apparently I don’t care! I can’t stop reaching for it while deliberating over outfit ideas. Might actually reach that point where my right hand is inching ever nearer to the plaid skirts and fitted blazers while my left hand is slapping at it maniacally, frenzied in its attempt to curb my schoolgirl obsession. Yes, the part of my brain that controls critical fashion decisions has gotten way too good at manipulating my body parts into doing its dirty work. Hello, superego! Could you PLEASE forward the memo that “preppy” and “summertime” do NOT mix? My id needs a gentle reminder, thanks! Don’t shoot the messenger.

Double breasted blazer – Lola Blanc’s frock swap
White blouse – Romwe (the shopping mecca for inexpensive staple items!)
Belt – Brighton
Plaid skirt – YES STYLE
Loafers – Pink & Pepper

Alas, I get to talk about my new shoes. Loafers. But not just any loafers – patent LEATHER loafers with a glossy sheen, oval toe box, and classic ruffle. Oh yeah, it’s called “The Ruffle.” That title is TOO fitting, shoe designer! And it reminds me of potato chips. I say that like it’s a bad thing, but really… any article of clothing that pays accidental homage to snack food is like, a godsend. These shoes know what’s up (crisp, high-sodium potato medallion with tasty ridges and a flavor complementary to sour cream and onion dip – see: Honey We Shrunk Ourselves.) You can browse the rest of Pink & Pepper’s shoe collection on DSW or buy a pair of these goody-two-shoes right here!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nuclear Seasons

Lookbook set me up with a couple bottles of Sally Hansen's new magnetic polish to get me in a metallic mood for summer! I paired this deep purple shade with pink and grape colored clothes for a fruity, garden essence. I was ecstatic to discover that this line of polish features iron particles that react to a magnetic field -- sounds complicated, but it makes perfect sense after you've seen how awesome the scientific process looks on your finger nails. After holding the magnetic bottle top over a wet coat of polish, the color becomes striated, almost as if it were undulating with the waves of a metallic forcefield. I'm geeking out! And since I hate playing it safe with simple solids, this series of polish is the perfect solution to my craving for a little crazy. Check out the rest of the line on Sally Hansen's site

Flower crown - DIY
Sunglasses - Party City
Jacket - GUESS, Jet Rag dollar sale
"Like A Virgin" crop top - HIGH HEELS SUICIDE
Flower shorts - ROMWE
White docs - MY HOT SHOES

I was sooo tempted to title this look "The Will To Change" after bell hook's renowned text to emphasize that despite wearing a Madonna t-shirt, I align myself with the philosophies of a real progressive. (Watch this video for more insight into the feminism vs. Madonna debate!) My crop top is cute nonetheless, especially with its little flower boobies. Hehehe. More adorable styles from High Heels Suicide available here, y'all!

The boots are from an online retailer called My Hot Shoes that sells some of my favorite styles at an insanely discounted price. Their range is between $8 and $50, so if you're scouting for a pair of cheap lookalike shoes, this shop is probably your best bet! And there's free shipping for orders over $50, so have at it my friends.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Denim and I have a close relationship, kind of like a mom and her child. We’re really open with one another. Some people complain that I’m a bad parent to my fabric spawn; though I so evidently love and nurture him, I’m too forgiving of his reckless experimentation with drugs. I get it, I do, but what’s so wrong with me being a cool mom? Denim’s classmates are concerned that I’m not disciplining his copious use of hallucinogens. And I get that, too. Denim trips responsibly, but he exercises no self-control in how often he does. I mean, it goes without saying that he’s ALWAYS on acid. Just look at him. So wrought with indescribable hypersensory experiences that he’s speckled and pale. But I’m proud of him. Proud of his synesthesia, his unconventional, permafried appearance, his Saganesque tendencies. My kid’s a rebel.

Wayfarers – Secondhand
Lipstick – “Centrifuchsia” by Lime Crime
Jean jacket – Hydraulic
Acid wash blouse – YES STYLE
Acid wash shorts – Volcom, LULU*S
Creepers – Classified

After a recent trip to LA, I lost my favorite multi-strand gold necklace. Until I can replace it, I’m relying almost entirely on this detachable Chanel purse strap for some chic, touch-of-Midas glitz. It functions as a long, single strand necklace, or looped twice around the neck at a shorter length. As much as I love the way I wore it with this blouse, nothing compares to how great it looks as a choker. You may have also noticed that I sometimes whip it around my wide-brim Zara hat for a little gilded flair around the hair! Oops, really sorry about that one. As soon as you’re done gagging over the cheese oozing from the crevices of that rhyme, we can talk ways to reinvent your vintage belt collection.

Everything is infinite,
Bebe Zeva