Monday, February 28, 2011


The fact that I'm wearing these acid-wash shorts AGAIN is a testament to how comfortable/matchable/irresistible they are. Paired them with my number one current closet staple piece, a Levis jean jacket, to create a good old rocker gal look. I think I'm in the mood to pay Manchester a visit or something. My fam is taking an extended vacay in London a few months from now so I've gotta enter 'the zone'. It's gonna be creepers and British flag patches ALL DAY.

Hat- Saks Fifth Avenue
Sunglasses- 80s Purple
Levis jean jacket- Travis hand-me-down (I added the patchwork)
Shorts- Volcom,
Creepers- Classified (that's actually the brand)


(I'm too scared of commitment to sew this patch on)


You'll be seeing more of this precious jean jacket so GET COMFORTABLE.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Happy Saturday, everyone! This was a surprisingly last minute outfit I wore a few days ago to perform some of life's simple wonders like eating pizza and listening to Finnish metal. I know it's winter and generally pretty gloomy outside, but I still wear sunglasses every day in an effort to dismiss the fact that it's not actually summer break and I'm not actually roller-blading down the boardwalk of a Californian beach.

Velvet scarf- Vintage
Sunglasses- 80s Purple
Jacket- Members Only
Shirt- Wildfox Couture
Shorts- Volcom www.
Socks- Forever 21
Wedges- Jeffrey Campbell


Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, February 21, 2011


After five days of dressing 'fashion week chic', I decided to treat myself to a pastel palette and wear something reminiscent of Japanese lolita street style. Designers have been infatuated with making woman look sleek, sexy, and above all, glamorous for decades. But what if I don't wanna be glamorous?! I can appreciate a day spent frumping around in my oversize knit sweater. Sometimes feeling cute is exponentially more rewarding than feeling like society's poster child for beauty. Sheesh.

Scrunchie- DIY
Sweater- Ralph Lauren
Pearls- Secondhand
Birthday cake tiered tennis skirt- Tommy Hilfiger
Rosette belt- Vintage
Sparkly tights- Juicy Couture
Mary jane heels- Qupid,

I've also arranged these Hello Kitty mood boards to perfect the kitteny atmosphere in my pink and beige bedroom:

Hello Kitty coloring book, Hello Kitty pencil box from 1997, Hello Kitty pencil bag, Hello Kitty ring, Hello Kitty hamburger button, Sanrio flavored gum, Hello Kitty compact mirrors, Hello Kitty metallic diary and stickers, Chi Chai Monchan puffy wallet.

/Affectionate meow

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tuesday and Wednesday marked my next two days at the MAGIC tradeshow here at my home base of Las Vegas, Nevada! On Tuesday, there was a style-off between some of the other bloggers, a live craft conducted by DIY prodigy Erica Domesek, an interactive buyer chat with Moxsie and their thousands of twitter followers, and an interview with me, Chloe, and my sister Rachel about fashion consumerism here in the city. On Wednesday, I took a trip to the Mandalay Bay and checked out the Jeffrey Campbell booth. I nearly fainted when I saw all the unreleased shoes; they're the best yet and I'm ecstatic to get my hands on all of them- YES, ALL OF THEM. I decided today that it's my goal to become an official Jeffrey Campbell shoe collector. Gonna buy a walk-in-closet dedicated to every platform wedge and lace-up Lita ever produced.

Tuesday's outfit: Coco-chic Chanel to boost my confidence!

Veiled hat- Frank Olive for Neiman Marcus
Dress- Blaque Label from Lulu*s (
Necklaces- 2 Chanel, 1 Juicy Couture, 1 vintage, 1 Chanel-esque DIY project!
Heels- Vera Wang

Wednesday's outfit: Parisian poncho.

Beret- Saks Fifth Avenue
Sunglasses- Rotunda Clubmasters from 80s Purple
Poncho- BB Dakota from Lulu*s (
Wedges- Jeffrey Campbell

Some photos of the girls, captured by my new Sony Touch Bloggie!




Blogger beauties!

You can watch an interview with me in which I discuss my blog, my inspirations, even the outfit I'm wearing in the video right here:

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


For those that haven't already heard, I've been selected as a Teen Vogue fashion blogging panelist at the Womens Wear Daily MAGIC show at the Las Vegas Convention Center! WWD Magic is a mecca of women's fashion brands- some mainstream, some alternative, some designer, some independent. There are hundreds of booths and an exponential number of apparel pieces and accessories. For the past two days, I've been overwhelmed with inspiration from new and novel lines introducing their spring, summer, and fall collections. The colors and textures are as inviting as the showroom is vast- and that's saying something.

I wore a 1970s Boheme influenced outfit inspired by Marc Jacobs' Spring 2011 line.

Hat- August for Macy's
Jacket - My Tribe
Shirt- Guess
Belt- Vintage
Skirt- Oilily
Shoes- Qupid at Lulu*s

If you're not already familiar with Lulu*s, you need to bash the rock your head is under with a Louboutin stiletto (kidding... never deface a sacred heel). Lulu*s presently my favorite online store for jackets, dresses, accessories, the whole nine yards. Every element of my style is covered by Lulu*s- goth, grunge, free-spirited, and vintage. Need new shoes? WELCOME.

I was privileged to have been invited to view the Miss Me denim and couture lines yesterday. Miss Me jeans are famed for their extravagant stitch work, rhinestone embellishments, and pocket bling. If your butt wants to make a serious statement, treat it to a pair of Miss Me jeans or jeggings! If you're interested in something more sleek and understated, consider the couture line. I especially fell in love with the studded jackets and neutral capes.

One of the most prominent displays at WWD Magic is the Desigual booth. I feel ridiculous calling it a booth, considering the grandeur of its presentation. But the collection certainly deserves the attention its flashy environment attracts; the clothes themselves command an incredible presence. "Desigual" translates to "it's not the same" in Spanish, since the company is based in Barcelona. The title couldn't be more fitting- Desigual clothes and accessories are bold, brave, and completely individual. Influenced by Spanish culture, bohemian energies and springtime color schemes, the Desigual collection is hard, if not downright impossible, to miss. Even celebrated designer Christian LaCroix collaborated with the company to curate a series of pieces any fashion addict would demand right on the spot. It was hard enough for me to walk away without a one-of-a-kind patchwork jacket.

And while the designers lived up to my expectations, it was still the smaller companies that captivated me most. One of my all-time Magic favorites was an LA-based designer called "Brandy Melville". Brandy's tees and tanks are lightweight and incredibly youthful, with fabric so soft you could wear it to sleep, wake up, and wear it out on errands without taking it off once.

There's also jewelry with an earthy, Native American vibe:

Check out their lookbook at!

I also spied some other brands displaying some of spring's most popular trends.

A little bit of lace,

A little bit of floral,

And a LOT of vivid prints and solids!

Me + Audrey

Today I'm back in the action, completely immersed in the WWD Magic energy and surrounded by a group of wonderful fashion bloggers from all over the map. Some of our celebrity stylists include Crosby Noricks of PR Couture, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, and Hilla Ohayon! Some day we'll all be "fashion famous"... shout outs to mah gurlz Nacole from Rich Skinny Pretty, Colby from Minnie Muse, and Renee + Rebecca from Styluste! You're all amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva