Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Short post today! Just wanted to show you another typical fall look before I head to the gym. Spotted, long-sleeve dress paired with a blazer / zip-up jacket hybrid and a fringe vest layered over it! My friend Spencer thought to pair the cropped vest with outerwear many months ago and I haven't forgot the trick since. My signature floppy hat and knee-high Pink and Pepper boots complete the look, chock full of bohemian goodness. ^-^

Hat - Karmaloop
Sunglasses - Party City
Ladder necklace - VANESSA MOONEY
Spotted dress - YES STYLE
Blazer jacket - YES STYLE
Fringe vest - YES STYLE
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff
Boots - Pink & Pepper

You can place an order for a pair of these leather knee-highs with Aztec print details here, here, or here. Complete yr winter wardrobe... wear boots n' a blazer.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"How do I wear this dress in a way that's not dumb?" I said to my sis, holding this galaxy print Romwe frock up to the light. "With your most DGAF shoes. Duh." Sometimes my sis really gets it right... once these vintage Skechers work boots entered the equation, the rest was easy. Smudged, smoky eyeliner and a brown beanie. Oh, and in the interest of Tumblr reblogs: Chanel necklace, amethyst, and silver crosses. Sometimes I unabashedly pander to soft grunge 15 year olds. I know. I'm bad. BUT I KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU...


Beanie - Nine West // Galaxy dress - ROMWE // Cross necklace - THIS IS TRANSITION // Studded bracelet - OASAP // Skechers 
boots - Buffalo Exchange

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P.S.  You can follow the rest of The Fabulous Stains girls here on Tumblr:
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Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, October 29, 2012


Fantaaaaabulous news for anyone who LOVES A DEAL: my "studded rose" tees (designed by local artist Alex Krasky and detailed by moi) are now selling for $17 on my eBay shop! Major price reduction for ya... and it's permanent! If you missed the original announcement, I'll share the news again to keep you in the loop: my buddy Alex, an esteemed artist who emigrated from Russia and now resides in Sin City, painted this charcoal graphic and printed it on tees. For extra edge, I studded the collars and offer the shirt in three styles - the Classic, a regular tee with studs, the Crop, a regular tee with a short, midriff-baring hem, and the Crop Tank, a tee with a short hem and cut-off sleeves. I'm wearing the latter style in this outfit, all the better to show off my velvet bodycon miniskirt from TOXIC CODEINE! Major shout outs to Jackie who hooked me up with this gorgeous, gothic winter staple. It accentuates my bum AND quads... I'm all about showin' off the goods I worked for. WINK. Check out her site for the best floral, galaxy, acid wash and plaid print apparel you've EVER seen. BONUS: 20% off 3 items or more on her shop with the code "HHLLWN" (valid till November 1st). And forget to shop my shirts, too!  MY EBAY STORE 

Studded cap - ROMWE
Sunglasses - 80s Purple
Jacket - Members Only
Velvet miniskirt - TOXIC CODEINE (shit's on sale, yo!)
Hellbounds - UNIF

BOO FREAKIN YAH, Y’ALL. I am officially the proud mama of two baby Hellbounds! And by ‘two Hellbounds’ I mean two pairs. And by ‘baby’ I really mean “freak of nature giantess shoes that make my arms buff when I lift them.” Nothin’ baby about these baddies. I extend infinity and one thanks to Sydney and the UNIF team for setting me up with another pair of the all-time best-ever platform boots! These are THE shoes of my winter season. So don’t get bored with this colossal heel because it will grow legendary with how many asses it kicks between now and next August. Ya heard.

Place an order hereherehereor here.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, October 26, 2012


I jestingly threw out the title "Hershey Grunge" while editing these outfit photos after I noticed that my American Apparel tee featured two shades of chocolatey brown. Paired with the platform Skechers boots and torn Levis cutoffs, I had myself an aggressive ensemble coated in cocoa. What's a street urchin without a little sugar, anyway? Everyone's gotta sweet tooth, even the greasy-haired garage rockers of 1994 who inspired this low-maintenance look. Much love and many thanks to The Cobrashop, for keepin' the vibes authentically vintage with their tattoo chokers, and to American Apparel, for gifting me this cozy cotton t-shirt (perfect for flexing a muscle). 


Beanie - H&M
Sunglasses - Cobrashop

Tattoo choker - Cobrashop
Leather jacket - Diesel
Brown tee - c/o American Apparel
Braided belt - YES STYLE
Shorts - Levi's
Boots - Skechers, secondhand

I will use the remainder of this space to remind all y'all who STILL seem to think that 'soft grunge' is an actual derivative of the anti-fashion, garage rock movement that you are miserably wrong. It is not. If it is fashion, it is not grunge. This outfit I wore here? Not technically grunge. Good attempt in the inspiration department, but not authentically... authentic. Creepers are punk, not grunge. Pastel hair is post-scene, not grunge. Flower crowns are bohemian, not grunge. Spiked chokers and black lipstick are goth, not grunge. Anything with a "follow here for more soft grunge" promo caption on Tumblr is adolescent, desperate, and annoying. NOT GRUNGE. Sorry bout it!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, October 22, 2012


Since I live in Vegas, I'm not much of a world traveler. I can ride a bus down The Strip and essentially sight-see the wonders of Paris, Italy, Rome, New York City, Hollywood, Camelot, and Egypt. Why spend thousands of dollars on airfare when I can stand on my balcony, champagne flute in hand, admiring a cosmopolitan vision in one panoramic gander? I know there's a million and one arguments you could make in favor of actually immersing myself in the real cultures of the world, but for now... there's a Lanvin charm necklace to keep my wanderlust satiated. ^-^

Hat - Frank Olive
Sunglasses - Cobrashop
Charm necklace - Lanvin
Scarf - Chanel
Coat - Chanel (Cruise 2012 Collection)
Heels - Vera Wang

This look might represent a peak in my sartorial classicism. Rarely do I don Chanel on Chanel without feeling a bit cheesy. But a loose trench and scarf to match offered just the right amount of practicality to a sophisticate luxe ensemble on a Fall day. My mom, sister, and I found the coat (multiple, actually) at the Bellagio Chanel store this summer. We all tried it on, and even took photos in pairs of us holding pillows from the lounge area as clutch purses. Twas a real hoot for the sales associates. Happy to finally enjoy some coat-appropriate weather in the desert, as this piece was BEGGING for debut. It speaks to me sometimes from the hanger on which it exclusively rests, like a prized art collectible - which essentially it is. Designer pieces will last a lifetime. As for my other elements, I tied the attached veil that usually sweeps the floor around the center of my hat a couple times to save me from an out-of-place goth accessory. No need for a random, thematic flourish; subtle gold details and circle sunnies will do the trick time and time again.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, October 19, 2012


My idea of a lazy day outfit is anything that requires little to no decision making. A printed maxi dress is perfect because it’s easy, obvious, and usually requires minimal accessorizing. For a simple shopping date, I paired this floor sweeping brown number from Vivid Blueprint with my trusty new Lucca Couture vest. And, yes, opted for my knee-high Pink and Pepper boots since I couldn’t resist how rich the brown looked with the rest of my neutral color palette. It’s a youthful, boho-inspired look that incorporates most of my 70s staples: a floppy hat, tortoiseshell sunnies, and peach lipstick. Love me a vintage homage!


Floppy hat – Macy’s
Sunglasses – 80s Purple
Vest – Lucca Couture
Dress – Vivid Blueprint
Belt – Vintage
Khloe boots – Pink and Pepper
Bag - Marc Jacobs

Vivid Blueprint isn’t ALL about keeping things simple – the online boutique stocks some crazy prints and styles, too! Like Wednesday's patriotic bodycon mini. Good stuff all around... check out the site here!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva