Thursday, February 26, 2015

avant garden

This look is hazy and pastel, glazed in a milky winter dew reflecting spring hints in bulbs of morning condensation. The synesthete in me distinctly tastes 7 AM in shades of lavender and makes me wish I had woken up even earlier today. Can't understand why I feel so disappointed thinking of the approaching noon. Maybe it's that there's no mystique in moments of clarity.

Hard to believe my mom snapped these shots but I better get used to it -- she's becoming très professional behind the lens, and even gung ho about driving to special locations for more unique backdrops. That's something I'll never take for granted; I'm used to settling for a white wall. ;)

MeeMee pastel fluff bomb knitted jacket, OASAP jersey top + floral pants, Missguided heels

Everything is infinite,


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

leo neo

Idk about you but if I were in the matrix, the absolute last material I'd want to sport is leather. Does sweat not exist in a simulacrum or were Morpheus and the gang just sucking it up for the camera? Meta, I know. Anyhoo a mesh jersey sounds much more practical for an olympic chase -- plenty of ventilation and flexibility, all the better to dodge bullets with. The top I'm wearing in this look is armed with an oversize asymmetrical panel on the bottom, leaving behind a silhouette more avant garde than a PVC knockoff Trinity trench coat paired with Crocs. As for the bunchy jersey collar: I added that myself. Clearly much better at layering fabrics than realities.

80s Purple Collection "Neo Matrix" sunglasses, Vanessa Mooney chain, Bardot leopard coat, Choies oversize mesh shirt

These photos are from at least a couple months ago but little has changed in the life of Zave. Except I did spill seltzer water all over this mixed metals necklace last week. And I had my roots highlighted last night. OH YA and I sacrificed this gorgeous faux fur coat to the cause of cats. Know how lil bb felines loooove to knead their paws against soft furs that remind them of kittenhood -- especially ones that perfectly match their own coloring? Well meet my friend Spyder, a little tortoiseshell fluff nubbin who lives in Silverlake.

Everything is infinite,