Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I remember way back in the day when "racing" was just emerging as a trend in fast fashion. Performers, stylists, icons making an appearance, anyone relevant in the process of establishing that they were 'leading' in the race to disseminate a trend, started branding with motifs that suggested competition, sport, and acceleration. Racing checks are one of those printed details. Since 2012, I've been collecting checkered garments -- a Chevrolet brand snapback, a Dupont NASCAR jacket, a sponsored Budweiser coat, a Fox BMX jersey, the list (and race) goes on. The top I'm wearing here is borderline costume -- made of an elastic, lycra/polyester/spandex hybrid -- and looks perfectly fitting for a racetrack with its sporty zipper feature. But it's no costume, and I'm dead serious about thinking it's acceptable to leave the house wearing athletic shorts and heels AFTER Halloween. I glammed up the look to elevate the racing aesthetic from "southern speedway" to "streetwear starlet." Function and fashion don't have to be at odds - they can and do work in tandem. 

Beanie - Gifted
Clubmaster Sunglasses - Zero UV
Rhinestone cuff necklace / Checkered cut-out top - ROMWE
Baseball shorts - American Apparel
Fosana Leather Block Heel sandals - MISSGUIDED

I'm wearing a new pair of clubmaster sunglasses from Zero UV, a necklace and top from Romwe, and reflective silver heels from a UK retailer called Missguided! I've found some of the best staple items in my present wardrobe on Missguided - a leather top and matching sweatpants, a leatherette jacket with Versace printed sleeves, a 90s inspired knit sweater, and plenty of killer heels... can't wait to debut the rest of my collection here. ^_^

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Saturday, November 16, 2013

#MyLipMagic with Maybelline Color Elixir

I recently had the pleasure of styling three Maybelline Color Elixir glosses for the #MyLipMagic sponsored social media campaign with Refinery29 and wanted to share the photos from the shoot I did in LA! Since makeup is an element of style worth spotlighting on a blog dedicated to ~the empowerment of beauty,~ I figured it'd be fun to include cosmetics in a conversation about accessories. Something simple like a glossy pucker that corresponds to the rest of an outfit's colorway can elevate a look from "well-curated" to "picture perfect." Maybe it's just me but the goal is always to look like I popped out of a magazine editorial... and what kind of model would I be without the most vibrant lips in a fifty mile radius?

Each outfit was inspired by the "aura" of the color and accessorized with a bouquet of silk flowers to symbolize the timeless nature of beauty. Was so much fun to play with these glosses and the best part is it isn't over... long-lasting shine means playtime for days. ;)

Check out the entire Maybelline Color Elixir collection online!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva