Friday, March 30, 2012


I take pride in my ability to draw outfit inspiration from Jordan almonds. Not sure how good they taste (I'm allergic to raw almonds, so I'll pass on the whole flavor-experimentation process) but I am POSITIVE that they look effin' gorg in the Easter aisle at every grocery store. I picked out my favorite babydoll garments to wear with this especially lacy look. Indeed I look like I just rolled out of a crib, but is that supposed to be an insult? Because I think it's The Compliment of all Compliments *shakes a baby rattle in a Z-shape with pizzazz like you've never seen.* Robin's Egg Blue, Carnation pink, and banana yellow coalesce into a perfectly pale palette for pastels. Sometimes, when a trend is good enough (and EGAD pastels are beyond good enough) I surrender to it and maybe even dedicate one square foot of my wardrobe to that theme. But I've been reppin' Easter eggs since 2010 so BOOYAH, fashion industry. I already know wassup. Everybody can benefit from having their spirits lifted by a cuddly cupcake color scheme. Peep!!!!!

Pink headwrap - Vintage
Silk blouse - Secondhand
Petticoat shorts - Squaresville
Socks - ICING

I noticed that at least 50 looks a day on Lookbook have titles that include the word "mint" or "pastel" or "Spring." I can't tell if people think that hoppin' on the buzzword bandwagon will get them more attention... doesn't conforming to a standard make you even less noticeable? Here are some alternatives for you guys: sea foam, aquamarine, turquoise, teal, cerulean, azure, cyan, green tea, or robins' egg. As for naming your look "Pastels for Spring!" COME ON, I know you're better than that. Do your outfit some justice and name it something original. Me and my bestie Spencer are super into inventing characters and back stories for all of our ensembles... he kinda reminds me of Roger from American Dad sometimes. Obviously because Roger is everybody's favorite. And he's sharp as a spike on a choker from Hot Topic.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, March 26, 2012


What's that about you being able to see my aura? Wait, really?? It's not a color, it's a pattern? What kind of pattern is it? Checkerboard, houndstooth, polka dot, aztec?? No? It's paisley, you say? Oh my god I KNEW IT, I totally called it. My spirit is so paisley it's not even funny. Perhaps I'm the only one with a print surrounding my spirit. This hippie inspired ensemble is an homage to my earthy glow, my western flair, my oneness with the desert landscape. Fractal fabrics, yes please! Compliments to Shoppalu for picking out this incredible vintage maxi for me. Their entire site is dedicated to hand-selected secondhand garments. Maybe they should rename their store "HEAVEN.COM" Kinda wish I was kidding.

Floppy hat - August, Macy's
Faux fur vest - CHICWISH,
Blouse - Merona
Tank top - Plein Sud
Gold platelet necklace - Oscar De La Renta
Belt - Natural Colour,
Clog heels - Qupid,
Bag - Ralph Lauren

This was a pretty amazing outfit for a breezy Monday (which I famously spend by hanging out on my college campus for 11 hours straight.) It's not so bad since my school is in walking distance of a silk flower supply store (that's a nifty euphemism for DOLLAR STREET) so stocking up on the goods for my floral crown collection has become a weekly tradition. Like seriously, I'm not just saying that because I want you guys to think I have some chill life where I do things that make me seem 'quirky.' I really do have So weird that I still haven't photographed a single crown for FTBH! I guess I'm seriously behind in documenting my outfits... I spent the past two weekends either working out or actually having fun. EFFIN BIZARRE, I don't do "fun." My idea of fun is Adobe Photoshop not lagging while it generates a high resolution composite.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, March 23, 2012


Wearing a "Coco-approved" little black dress is too obvious. Pumps, pearls, a loose cardigan... classic, but so predictable it's boring. As a woman who's been on her fair share of dates (lies, I have never been on a single date in my entire life, though I had a boyfriend once in eighth grade) I can testify that it often feels as though there's a behavior protocol and uniform for fulfilling the role of someone who's been asked out. So I challenge you people to make yourself aware of those arbitrary obligations (like wearing something timeless and fancy), break 'em, and leave a bravely unconventional first impression on your casanova. I'd probably wear an outfit like this one to dinner and a movie. Fortunately, that opportunity will never surface so I don't actually have to worry about the pressure of choosing something fitting. Lucky me! I wouldn't feel like myself without something prickly and intimidating like a spiked collar on. The beanie represents my grungy carelessness and the shoes suggest that I WILL kick your ass if you double-cross me so you better play your cards right and buy my popcorn, buddy. Maybe my aggressive attitude is the reason boys keep their distance. YOUR LOSS, GUYS. I'm an amazing kisser! Ask any dog in a 50 mile radius. :-)

Beanie - H&M
Collar - ROMWE,
Boots - Zigi,
Wrist gear - Mad Lady,

Me and my friend had a conversation about hating exposed zippers a few months ago while we were at the mall (no surprise, everything sucks at the mall even if the concept is genius.) I've since chosen this dress as the exception to our zipper rule. It's functional (can't slip into the dress without it) and gives the dress a distinctly punk element. In sum, it's a cool departure from the rest of the dress's features: feminine sleeves, a seductive neckline, modern body-hugging fit. Which unite to create a powerforce of hardcore hotness. Hot? Hot. Me. Hot. It's weird. I'm still getting used to it.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I can't even begin to express how pissed off I am that I discovered this floppy hat and jean jacket combo. Because now I pair them in EVERY outfit, which means everything I wear looks exactly the same (my worst nightmare.) I've been trying to jazz up the floppy hat with fun accents every now and then to keep things fresh -- a black and gold chain, a fuschia scarf, a leopard sash. I might have even been successful at giving it a temporary punk makeover... you'll see. Maybe. For now, I'm wearing it in it's natural element. You're probably going crazy over my super high-end designer boots. "Alexander Wang?" you ask. "Those must have cost a fortune." Oh yeah, a real wallet-wrencher. Eight bucks. Whew, I packed lunch for a month! Really had to break open the piggy bank for these bad boys but it was worth it in the end. I mean, what would YOU do for a pair of vintage Skechers? Oh yeah? That's pretty intense. But I feel you.

Floppy hat - August, Macy's
Jean jacket - Levi's
Denim Haze Romper- SUGARLIPS,
Belt - Vintage
Boots - Skechers, Secondhand

To give you a guys a really good idea of how Springy it is in Vegas, here's a 5-day weather report from my zip code. Helloooo romper season! Celebrating the amazing tan I'm about to get with this fantabulous blue playsuit from one of my fave retailers, Sugarlips Apparel. I might be a sucker for weird things (I shop at Party City for closet staples, not costumes) but I still appreciate the need for practical garments accessible to fashionistas of all body shapes and wallet sizes. So I'm recommending that you check out the Sugar Du Jour line, where I picked out my baby blue baddie. The model on the site wears hers with the bow tied in front, but I wanted to add my own belt so I pulled the sash back! I think this one-piece is the first blue garment I can actually see myself wearing over and over again. Why am I so anti-blue?? I think it has something to do with four of the girls from my private-school class in elementary schooling saying their favorite color was blue. Hence, it wasn't my favorite color. It was too typical. Bebe Zeva: an annoying and indignant 8 year old. So... past self... what do you think of my outfit??

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, March 19, 2012


Three things I'm wearing in these photos that I sadly no longer own: the tortoiseshell sunglasses (they snapped in half and I had to throw them away... RIP), the armor ring (I gave it to Jessi because IT FITS PERFECTLY), and the shoes (I wore them hiking in Israel and the soles completely wore off rendering them unwearable.) Definitely don't regret passing some of my jewelry on to my BFF since I know she'll appreciate it. And the sunnies lived a long and fruitful life in glasses collection. The shoes... I'll never get over their passing. I'm still mourning. Considering a funeral. Doesn't help that my shirt reads "DIE YOUNG" on the top and "LIVE FOREVER" on the bottom. UGH! They were too young to die!!! I should have dipped them in the fountain of youth. Leather is waterproof , right??

Bandana - Savers
Glasses - Mustang Xchange
Cross jewelry -
Jacket - Diesel
Plaid flannel - A&F
Ankle boots - Goodwill

Glamour Kills has seriously got it goin' on with their graphic tees. Their iconography really speaks to me... skulls, pyramids, crosses, arrows, the good shit. This piece came from their winter collection, but it'll probably call dibs on 99 out of 100 outfits I wear this summer. The 2001 choker necklace and ring are from the Cobrashop DUH!!!!!! This picture really speaks 2 me. She knows how to #yolo.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva