Friday, October 22, 2010


Last weekend, Travis and I went to a blogger convention at Mandalay Bay. It was mostly a series of booths promoting cyber services like twitter applications, search engines, and web hosting. We talked to a hundred different representatives about their products, picking up complimentary chapsticks and t-shirts along the way. Everybody wanted everybody else to succeed. I'm vaguely certain that I was the only fashion blogger in attendance. As for my outfit, I threw together something reminiscent of 'Stockholm street style' which is my second favorite theme to sport (neo-goth takes the cake.)

Newsboy hat- I've had it for years and this is the first time I've ever worn it. No idea where it came from. I have a massive newsboy cap collection.
Blazer- Burberry
Textured leotard/onesie- 'Feel Goods' vintage piece via my mom
High-waisted floral skirt- Gift from a friend many years ago
Crocodile belt- vintage
Wedges- Target

Most of my clothing articles are not recently purchased. If they are a new addition to my wardrobe, they were probably placed there by my mother who occasionally treats me to something new and novel. I'm generally not allowed to buy new clothes for the reason that my mom forbids clutter and overcrowded closets. She is on a constant mission to downsize our collective possessions and is strongly anti-indulgence. Trust me, she is not a hippie. More like a Gucci-worshiping Burberry-pajama-wearer who prefers to keep her household as minimalist as possible. It was from her that I inherited my appreciation for couture design and architecture. My mom is constantly encouraging me to appreciate the handiwork of Valentino purses. And did I tell you about the time she made me pet a cashmere scarf for ten straight minutes because I didn't fold it properly before putting it back on the hanger?

"Moms; can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!" - quote from a t-shirt that should not exist, written in comic sans font.

But before I sign off, allow me to say that despite my love for designer goods... there is absolutely nothing better on Earth than an oversized knit sweater for $3.99 at Savers. I would shop religiously and exclusively at thrift stores if
1) I had the disposable income and
2) it wasn't a punishable act within the Zevalt household

When I'm living independently and have $30 to blow, I'll probably bring a trunk-load of mesh, wool, cotton, and even the dreaded yet post-ironic polyester home to my temporarily maximalist closet space.

And as soon as I reach my mother's age, I'll be sure to instigate my quest for downsizing as she did.

Everything is infinite,
Bebe Zeva

Friday, October 15, 2010


Oscar Wilde once said "life is too important to be taken seriously." It's my favorite quote of all time. Not only is it true, it's deliberately paradoxical; therefore furthering his point in having a laugh at 'the human condition', etc. Yesterday's outfit was a physical manifestation of said concept. I wasn't in the mood to be somber and serious- I wanted to make people happy by process of 'somewhat making a fool of myself'. Here I yam!

From top to bottom:
Black/pink/green headscarf- VINTAGE
Sunglasses- Savers
Feather earrings- Forever 21
Ring necklace- Juicy Couture
Hawaiian t-shirt- Dollar store gift from Travis
Belt- 90's vintage
Shorts- DIY'd them
Flats- Target

My sister compared my outfit to something a famed crazy aunt would wear. You know the stereotype- lives in Florida and pinches your cheeks too hard? That was me. For an entire day.

It's all good. Life's for the livin.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty ring pseudo-pacifier.


Bebe Zeva

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday I dressed as a floral -clad free-spirit in my flowery pink, purple, and green shift dress from Buffalo Exchange. The weather was perfect for this outfit; my skirt and scarf billowed in the autumn breeze. I felt elated. There's nothing better than an outfit that requires no adjustments throughout the day. I often judge an outfit's appeal based on how low or high maintenance it is. A cluster of beaded necklaces paired with a zipper-happy leather jacket and knee-high socks looks incredible but requires too much rearrangement to be considered comfortable. Obviously I would wear it anyway. Pain = beauty, discomfort = fashion. Shit is non-conventional for a reason.

From top to bottom:
Dress- "Tramp", bought it at Buffalo Exchange
Scarf- Somewhere in New England
Bracelets- Nordstrom
Wedges- Target

The back of the dress is undoubtedly the best part. And in case you're wondering about my purse- it's a leather laptop bag my mom found me on eBay! Luckily it fits everything I need- computer, charger, makeup bag, wallet, ipod, phone, and Richard Yates.

And in celebration of rosy florets- this collection of cloth flowers for my hair!

I can't wait to begin messing around with scrunchies and hair bows. It's about time I start personalizing my winter fashion gimmick.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yesterday I put together a supposedly collegiate outfit that's as far from scholarly as apparel can get. My beat up, cut-off Harvard t-shirt from 2003 gives the prestigious ivy league an ironic drop-out vibe. Live fast, die young, hit the bong, not the books, etc.


From top to bottom:
Headband- Fabric flower DIY
Shirt- Harvard t-shirt from the actual store in Boston
Bracelets- Metallic scrunchie & silver bangle, gifts
Shorts- Vintage Guess
Belt- Brighton
Thigh-highs- Drugstore
Flats- Target
Scarf- Keith Haring

ALSO- I just happened to find a sassy little collection of bows and miscellaneous hair accessories in a giant bin of 1990s scrunchies and barrettes underneath my bathroom sink!


Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My theme for yesterday's 'school' ensemble was 'yacht club chic'. After a euphoric week of cloudy skies and 75 degree breezes, the weather heated back up to an unpleasant 90 degree temperature. I tried to get back into the 'summer livin' mindset to make the heat more tolerable, but it was a bit difficult seeing that it's already October.

From the top:
Floppy hat- "August" for Nordstrom
Sunglasses- Thrift find at Savers
Polo- Ralph Lauren blue label
Cardigan- Ralph Lauren green label
Belt- Brighton
Shorts- Vigoss, bought them at Buffalo Exchange
Booties- Steve Madden
Scarf- Vintage

I even curled my hair into tight ringlets. I'M ALWAYS DTE (Down To Experiment).

Everything is infinite,
Bebe Zeva

Monday, October 11, 2010


I decided to start Fated to be Hated because I realized that my online presence requires more organization and artistic focus. My wordpress is a conglomerate of scattered ideas and projects; occasional fashion posts, interviews with street muses, photographic updates, and tell-all accounts of my social ventures. I want Fated to be Hated to be focused on one thing; style. I frequently post pictures of my ensembles to Lookbook, but I rarely explain the inspiration behind them, the theme, the purpose. I'm bored with leaving you hanging; it's time I create and expound.

I chose the title 'Fated to be Hated' because, to some extent, it defines my existence. I identify myself as a bete noire. In high school I was the outcast. Too unconventional to fit in, but too unabashedly opinionated to fade away. I never had a place. I was a social moth, not a social butterfly. I resorted to online school because it allowed to me to foster my own friendships in a realm that didn't require physical commitment. I know there are places I am now accepted, but there are twice as many where I am denied. I am fated to be hated. Someone, somewhere, will find something to criticize in me. I am contenting myself in that rejection and redirecting my attention to an audience that matters. Maybe this blog is fated to be hated, too. I'm sure that everything I do will channel negativity from some random source. But that's okay. I don't mind the hate anymore- I am drowning in my own optimism.

Everything is infinite,
Bebe Zeva