Monday, October 11, 2010


I decided to start Fated to be Hated because I realized that my online presence requires more organization and artistic focus. My wordpress is a conglomerate of scattered ideas and projects; occasional fashion posts, interviews with street muses, photographic updates, and tell-all accounts of my social ventures. I want Fated to be Hated to be focused on one thing; style. I frequently post pictures of my ensembles to Lookbook, but I rarely explain the inspiration behind them, the theme, the purpose. I'm bored with leaving you hanging; it's time I create and expound.

I chose the title 'Fated to be Hated' because, to some extent, it defines my existence. I identify myself as a bete noire. In high school I was the outcast. Too unconventional to fit in, but too unabashedly opinionated to fade away. I never had a place. I was a social moth, not a social butterfly. I resorted to online school because it allowed to me to foster my own friendships in a realm that didn't require physical commitment. I know there are places I am now accepted, but there are twice as many where I am denied. I am fated to be hated. Someone, somewhere, will find something to criticize in me. I am contenting myself in that rejection and redirecting my attention to an audience that matters. Maybe this blog is fated to be hated, too. I'm sure that everything I do will channel negativity from some random source. But that's okay. I don't mind the hate anymore- I am drowning in my own optimism.

Everything is infinite,
Bebe Zeva


  1. Great headline.. cant't wait to see some of your looks in the nex time ;)

  2. F2BH

    OMG the word verification was "SISTORY" !

  3. oh come on, everybody's hated on at some point.
    you are "mad stylin" imo :)

  4. So glad you created a blog :)
    I've been your fan on lookbook since May.

    Great title... you're sucha great writer and you put together awesome looks. I look forward to each and every post!


  5. welcome to fashion blogging ^__^

  6. I love your blog, so decided to read it - from the beginning!

  7. I have just found your blog a day ago and have read it from the most recent right back to the very beginning. It incredible. Your looks are very inspiring. Can't wait for your near posts. Thanks. Jen

  8. Just found your blog, this is so deep, i can relate in a way you know?
    btw, your blog is amazing! it sends such an incredible vibe!