Thursday, September 27, 2012


Somethin' bout the energy of this outfit reminds me of Yoko Ono. Hippie Yoko, not nu-millennium-newsboy-cap-and-wire-rimmed-sunglasses Yoko (which is arguably a cooler version of her, but sadly not the aesthetic I was channeling). My breezy cotton pants are from CRASH AND BURN, a brand the fashion blogger community knows well for its signature tie-dye designs and industrial, gradient patterns. Now it's your turn to get in on the action by checkin' out the shop! I love the free-spirited element present in these palazzo pants. A flower crown and Eastern print cardigan from my sis keep the look summery and cool. Fun outfit for a spontaneous September day... #YOLO Ono. That's wassup.


Flower crown - DIY
Cardigan - Borrowed
Crochet top - Secondhand
Gold chain - SHOP GOLDIE
Palazzo pants - CRASH AND BURN
Wedges - Nine West
Flower bag - Valentino

Thanks again CRASH AND BURN for making this look possible! Always a blast rockin' the Parkman pants. ^-^

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Thursday, September 20, 2012


To hell with clever titles today! There is no better way to describe this look than with “TACO OUTFIT.” That’s exactly what it is – an ensemble I designed for the explicit purpose of eating home cooked tacos with my best bud Tyler and sister Rach. We’re very into inventing themes for our hangouts – suburbia, McDonalds feast, Wes Anderson movie, cyberpunk pizza buffet, etc. I’m usually the only one who dresses up. (No offense guys, I’m just really into living up to the occasion.) So for a night of binge eating Mexican cuisine, I broke out the Mexican blanket jacket and wide-brim hat. Leopard print boots hardly matched but WHO CARES ABOUT MATCHING WHEN THERE’S SALSA VERDE AND SOUR CREAM AND ENDLESS GROUND BEEF???? That’s what I thought.

Hat – Zara
Sunglasses – Secondhand
Jacket – Dollar sale
Tank top – ARAM ABRAMS
Shorts – Native Heart

This bomb dot com ARAM ABRAMS tank top matches EVERYTHING despite being a super specific shade of orange! I’ve had a hard time resisting the temptation to wear it EVERY DAY with fringey kimonos and Technicolor bomber jackets and faded denim. Thanks for hookin’ it up, Aram Abrams! You guys got it in lock in the fluorescent tank department. ;)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Saturday, September 15, 2012


There’s no shortage on visual inspiration at a fashion tradeshow, but what largely goes underappreciated is the treasure trove of advice shared by experienced bloggers and style presences at discussion panels. Fortunately, I took meticulous notes at MAGIC last month for my and your learning pleasure! At FN Platform, bloggers Olivia Lopez, Rachel Schwartzmann, and Kiara Schwartz offered their audience advice about what content generates most traffic and which brands are most receptive to collaborations.

Olivia of 
Lust for Life advised writers to “pay attention to what your readers value.” She noticed that photos of new shoes scored hundreds of notes on Tumblr, which meant more visits on her blog and the chance to foster a stronger relationship with viewers. Maintaining authenticity and integrity is another paradigm she stressed. “Posting content for the sake of hits will never go over well in the blogosphere.”

Rachel of The StyleLine and Le Style Child shared that her readers love seeing photos of her in her New York City neighborhood. It makes sense for her to satiate the world’s fascination with NYC and its respective culture with photos and words since so few artists are able to capture its essence candidly.

Kiara of Tobruck Ave emphasized the values a brand must share with a blogger to initiate a strong and honest partnership. “A good brand features their customers on the site and genuinely appreciates the publicity they offer through blogs and social networks,” she explained. “Reciprocation.” I couldn’t agree more with Kiara’s assessment; a brand that seems indifferent to its audience is not one that piques my interest or loyalty. I feel more inclined to support a brand that establishes a relationship with me as a person.

Goes without saying that MAGIC isn’t all business all the time… ;) Check out this awesome video the GIOGO girls put together detailing their fun at the convention! It was such a pleasure to meet them and experience their spontaneous energy in real life.

So many cool people, such a short amount of time! All I can say is SEE YOU IN FEBRUARY!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva 

MAGIC Style File: What I Wore

MAGIC offers the most comprehensive collection of fashion brands and buyers under one roof -- with that in mind, the pressure was on to dress in duds that expressed where I fit into the trend horizon this season! Fortunately, I had Kelsi on hand to document three of my looks from the show.

DAY 1: Bohemian Color Block

Vest from Lucca Couture, blouse from Ellison, skirt from Lulu*s, pumps from Irregular Choice

This look was ALL about the shoes. I pulled colors from the pumps' retro print and found garments to match. Thanks so much to Ellison, Lucca Couture, and Irregular Choice for making this dream ensemble a fashion reality!

DAY 2: Sportpunk

Tank from Lovemarks, shorts from Lucca Couture, sneakers from Keds

With all the athletic influence on and off the runway these past few months, I felt obligated (in a good way) to illustrate how functional and chic the theme can be. A pair of perforated, elasticized shorts allot the ensemble some distinctly sporty edge and the Keds affirm that comfort is in my list of priorities for a busy day on the fashion floor. But the rhinestone encrusted tank top proves that a comfortable outfit doesn't mean glitz and glam are off the table. Thanks to Lovemarks, Lucca Couture, and Keds for the swag!

DAY 2 1/2: Eastern Wild Streak

Kimono from Darling, shorts from Lucca Couture, boots from Sheinside

Typical me, I opted for an outfit change before an afternoon discussion panel about blogger-brand relationships! I wanted to show our audience that any collaboration with any retailer can work if a blogger has aesthetic flexibility: my transition from rock n' roll sportswear to funky leopard and blossom print made that philosophy physically evident. Thanks to Darling for the gorgeous waterfall kimono!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


Though I instantly recognized hundreds of brand names as I entered this year's colossal exhibitor arena at MAGIC, there were hundreds more that looked unfamiliar to me. I’m curious to a fault at times, but my fascination with new and novel retailers actually led me to some incredible discoveries that I’d like to share with you guys! Here’s my ultimate Top 10 Magic Discoveries list:

10. True Fit. This awesome denim company arranged a lunch with the digital influencers to share with us their innovative new service for online shoppers. If you’re shopping for jeans online but fear that you’ll purchase an ill-fitting pair, dispel your anxiety by signing up with True Fit through Nordstrom or Macy's. They’ve generated a system that displays which styles of jeans will fit you best according to the preferences - NOT measurements - you provide! Read more about their revolutionary system here.

9. Vigoss Jeans. Okay, so I’ve ALWAYS known about Vigoss, but what I didn’t know is that their latest selection of prints and colors plays into my recent obsession with BOLD brights. Naturally, a champagne toast ensued.

8. This eyeball bag by Kreepsville 666.

7. Nathan’s chili cheese fries. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY I CAN’T NON-STOP TALK ABOUT CLOTHES. “Easily distracted by greasy, deep fried American cuisine drenched in processed yellow high-calorie goo.” – My impending OK Cupid bio. Mmmmm.

6. This fluorescent, feather print suit from Lucca Couture.

5. Marchez Vous by Yeardly Smith. Okay, it’s ONE thing to discover an awesome new shoe line. It’s another thing to discover that the awesome new shoe line is designed entirely by, um, LISA SIMPSON. Yup! The actress who voices one of the most iconic cartoon characters of our generation makes SHOES! And they’re CRAAAZY cute. Check ‘em out here!

4. Flat Outs. These are genius, obviously. Every gal has suffered the Great High Heels Dilemma: you want to go out for dinner in your sexiest stilettos. But after a couple hours of pounding the pavement, you’re due for a couple blisters. And then what? Plaster your tortured toes in band-aids and Neosporin? Or drown the pain with ten margaritas? Save yourself the hangover and invest in a pair of Flat Outs, which are adorable little flats that curl up into a TINY box and fit perfectly in your purse! So you can take a comfortable pair of shoes WITH you for a night out on the town. Get 'em here. (P.S. I have the leopard pair!)

3. These Irregular Choice heels. That I now OWN. Sometimes I question whether or not I am even deserving of such color-block perfection.

2. Gypsy Junkies. I could go on for hours about this crew – BEYOND the insane level of bohemian inspired, rock and roll groupie uniforms is an incredible team of technicolor pixies and counterculture enthusiasts. Here’s some blurbs from my “Road to Magic” post!
Today I had the pleasure of rockin' the BEST Almost Famous inspired ensemble I've ever laid my eyes (and hands!) on. Gypsy Junkies, a free-spirited brand inspired by classic rock and 1970s hippie glamour, swathed me in a gorgeous white fur coat, fuchsia tie-dye palazzo pants, and a mushroom-print ruffle blouse!
I wore the outfit to my discovery panel to share the glory that is their incredible line with buyers and consumers on the MAGIC floor. If you didn't get a chance to check out their booth at the show, find them online!
Learn more about their AWESOME rebel youth team here.

1. Chanelle, Deniz, Amber, Emily, Tiara, An, Rachel, Enocha, Emily K, Erica, Jamie,  Jenny, Joellen, Kiara, Melissa, Stephanie, Sheryl, Wendy,  and Gina – new friends, fellow bloggers, partners in crime. You should already know my other buddies: Bethany, Olivia, and Peter! See the entire blogger list here

Everything is infinite!

Bebe Zeva

Friday, September 14, 2012


This August, I had the pleasure of attending my third WWD MAGIC summer tradeshow with Two Point Oh! LA. Without a doubt, this convention experience trumped all others. Discovering new brands, communicating with retailers, and sharing your industry perspective with an interactive audience is always a thrill – but when those moments are enjoyed in the presence of friends, new and old, they sublimate into memories so powerful that it’d defy reason to forget why the fashion community is such an incredible, creative force. It was a genuine privilege to have been invited to MAGIC as a digital influencer, representing the American fashion blogging community and bestowed the impressive responsibility of generating coverage throughout a medium bloggers know best: the internet. Between meeting an inspirational lot of women as empowered as they are stylish and introducing myself in the flesh to retailers like Pink and Pepper or Lucca Couture(with whom I’d only previously connected online!), I learned. Some girls expressed their concerns with blogger-brand relationships and others offered solutions. Some girls campaigned for their favorite fashion-forward social networking sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. Some girls, like me, encouraged others to get involved in the community by starting somewhere obvious, like No matter what the topic of discussion was, knowledge ricocheted off the walls of the Convention Center and landed deep within the crevices of our inventive brains. Anyone who argues that the fashion industry is superficial and dry has clearly never attended MAGIC. Never in my life have I been surrounded by more brilliant businessmen and women in my life than in those three days. I extend my deepest and sincerest acclaims to the Two Point Oh! LA team and WWD MAGIC staff for making this adventure possible. And I’d like to especially offer everlasting gratitude to my –and the girls’ – “blogger Mama,” Kelsi Smith, who coordinated this ENTIRE collaboration. You are all so indescribably fated to be appreciated!

In the spirit of fond memories, here’s a collage of my MAGIC experience, as documented through Instagram. 

FN Platform blogger panel, MAGIC Digital Influencers blogger panel, day 3 at MAGIC wearing Funny People Co. and Tunnel Vision, me and Carmen, Caribbean Joe Hawaiian prints, me before the All Saints preview party, new Keds, feather print suit from Lucca Couture, me pole dancing in a party bus, me rockin' a 10 Dollar Tee, poolside after a long day, makeup for Day 1. 

Everything is infinite!

Bebe Zeva

Monday, September 10, 2012


I found this groovy fuchsia blouse at a Goodwill in North Hollywood with my best friend Jessi a few weeks ago. At first I thought it was 'just another blouse,' but Jessi encouraged me to try it on with all my jewelry and accessories. I fell in love with how well the hot pink bindi I was wearing at the time matched the magenta accents in the shirt. And the gold and black necklaces around my collar looked PERFECT with the glamorously retro daisy print. One glance in the mirror and two photographs later, I was sold. When I brought it home, I fell in love with how well it paired with my teal circle skirt from Yes Style. An outfit was born!


Floppy hat - Karmaloop
Sunglasses - Party City
Blouse - Secondhand
Leopard boots - Sheinside

These leopard boots are a godsend from Sheinside, which stocks a badass variety of heels, flats, and platforms. Nothing better than a pop of animal print in an already psychedelic ensemble -- the subtle flare of the skirt, the fitted waist, and the wide brim afforded this look a sweet and almost sensitive side. Psychedelicate. Thanks, Sheinside, for the wild streak I needed this September!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva