Friday, September 14, 2012


This August, I had the pleasure of attending my third WWD MAGIC summer tradeshow with Two Point Oh! LA. Without a doubt, this convention experience trumped all others. Discovering new brands, communicating with retailers, and sharing your industry perspective with an interactive audience is always a thrill – but when those moments are enjoyed in the presence of friends, new and old, they sublimate into memories so powerful that it’d defy reason to forget why the fashion community is such an incredible, creative force. It was a genuine privilege to have been invited to MAGIC as a digital influencer, representing the American fashion blogging community and bestowed the impressive responsibility of generating coverage throughout a medium bloggers know best: the internet. Between meeting an inspirational lot of women as empowered as they are stylish and introducing myself in the flesh to retailers like Pink and Pepper or Lucca Couture(with whom I’d only previously connected online!), I learned. Some girls expressed their concerns with blogger-brand relationships and others offered solutions. Some girls campaigned for their favorite fashion-forward social networking sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. Some girls, like me, encouraged others to get involved in the community by starting somewhere obvious, like No matter what the topic of discussion was, knowledge ricocheted off the walls of the Convention Center and landed deep within the crevices of our inventive brains. Anyone who argues that the fashion industry is superficial and dry has clearly never attended MAGIC. Never in my life have I been surrounded by more brilliant businessmen and women in my life than in those three days. I extend my deepest and sincerest acclaims to the Two Point Oh! LA team and WWD MAGIC staff for making this adventure possible. And I’d like to especially offer everlasting gratitude to my –and the girls’ – “blogger Mama,” Kelsi Smith, who coordinated this ENTIRE collaboration. You are all so indescribably fated to be appreciated!

In the spirit of fond memories, here’s a collage of my MAGIC experience, as documented through Instagram. 

FN Platform blogger panel, MAGIC Digital Influencers blogger panel, day 3 at MAGIC wearing Funny People Co. and Tunnel Vision, me and Carmen, Caribbean Joe Hawaiian prints, me before the All Saints preview party, new Keds, feather print suit from Lucca Couture, me pole dancing in a party bus, me rockin' a 10 Dollar Tee, poolside after a long day, makeup for Day 1. 

Everything is infinite!

Bebe Zeva


  1. everytime i come to your blog i just never want to leave..i love this blog..this seems like an amazing event..i was wondering when you will cover it sort of over here..

  2. Where do you get those awesome hats?They look amazing.

  3. It was nice meeting you for the second time! Thanks for the post! : ) See you again next year!