Saturday, September 15, 2012


There’s no shortage on visual inspiration at a fashion tradeshow, but what largely goes underappreciated is the treasure trove of advice shared by experienced bloggers and style presences at discussion panels. Fortunately, I took meticulous notes at MAGIC last month for my and your learning pleasure! At FN Platform, bloggers Olivia Lopez, Rachel Schwartzmann, and Kiara Schwartz offered their audience advice about what content generates most traffic and which brands are most receptive to collaborations.

Olivia of 
Lust for Life advised writers to “pay attention to what your readers value.” She noticed that photos of new shoes scored hundreds of notes on Tumblr, which meant more visits on her blog and the chance to foster a stronger relationship with viewers. Maintaining authenticity and integrity is another paradigm she stressed. “Posting content for the sake of hits will never go over well in the blogosphere.”

Rachel of The StyleLine and Le Style Child shared that her readers love seeing photos of her in her New York City neighborhood. It makes sense for her to satiate the world’s fascination with NYC and its respective culture with photos and words since so few artists are able to capture its essence candidly.

Kiara of Tobruck Ave emphasized the values a brand must share with a blogger to initiate a strong and honest partnership. “A good brand features their customers on the site and genuinely appreciates the publicity they offer through blogs and social networks,” she explained. “Reciprocation.” I couldn’t agree more with Kiara’s assessment; a brand that seems indifferent to its audience is not one that piques my interest or loyalty. I feel more inclined to support a brand that establishes a relationship with me as a person.

Goes without saying that MAGIC isn’t all business all the time… ;) Check out this awesome video the GIOGO girls put together detailing their fun at the convention! It was such a pleasure to meet them and experience their spontaneous energy in real life.

So many cool people, such a short amount of time! All I can say is SEE YOU IN FEBRUARY!

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  1. this is a great write up -- thanks so much for sharing.

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  5. its really amazing to see how the "blog world" is gaining more and more space and force. Its something that every brand needs to take in consideration if they want to keep their audience happy :). Thanks for sharing!


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  8. Thanks for this Bebe. Oh my gosh Olivia and Rachel are wearing the same shoes AND sitting next to each other. x Doll