Wednesday, May 30, 2012


UGH, why do I ALWAYS feel the urge to dress preppy after school gets out?? It's like, couldn't I have experienced this craving during the Fall or Spring semester when it was actually practical? Totally goes to show that we want what we can't have. And now that it's summer vacation, my natural response is to lust after textbooks and classrooms and all the academic ensembles that go with it (think cardigans, white socks, and lace-up oxfords.) This look is functional nonetheless -- I'm rockin' a high bun and halter top to combat the heat wave. Oh, and my favorite pair of crooked sunglasses! RT if all your sunnies are broken from throwing them into your purse without a protective case WAIT THIS IS BLOGSPOT.COM NOT TWITTER?? What the heck. I guess the heat wave is STILL getting to me despite my efforts to keep cool.

Sunglasses - Secondhand
Cardigan - Ralph Lauren
Halter top - Vintage (love ya, Mom!)
Belt - Brighton
Peasant shorts - THE FABULOUS STAINS
Oxfords - YES STYLE

My cutie pie baby blue elasticized shorts are FOR SALE on the Fabulous Stains! Hallelujah! Will be posting TONS of looks featuring our items throughout the week. This outfit reminds me of Virgin Jessica. Do I say that too much? She and Madeline from Jean Greige are pretty much the only two bloggers who non-stop inspire the shit out of me. Except I feel like both of them would have made this outfit ten times cooler... Jessica, with cat-eye sunglasses and cross jewelry, and Madeline, with an oversize jean jacket and creepers. YALL R AMAZEBALLZ!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Do you love it?? I wore this outfit on one of my last days at university. It was a rainy day, so I was far from dressed for the weather in my sleeveless denim vest and vintage tank top! Is it possible to hire someone to remind me to check everyday before leaving the house? Would probably save me a LOT of time spent weeping over sweat stains or goosebumps. No, I know exactly what I need -- Pat, the computer-generated mom from Smart House. Please tell me if I need a sweater!!!! And wake me up every morning to the sound of "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched.

Scarf - Secondhand
Sunglasses - ROMWE
Vest - Secondhand
Camp Beverly Hills tank - THE FABULOUS STAINS

I probably should have paired this tank top in an outfit specifically intended for a camp theme... perhaps some denim shorts, a backwards baseball cap, and high-top converse? I never went to summer camp, only a week-long sleepaway camp seminar in sixth grade. It was pretty hardcore for me. I slept in the top bunk and cried myself to sleep because I missed my family so much. I don't fare well in situations where I feel too estranged from my creature comforts. This two-week vacation in LA is as intense as it gets! But I'm heading home, which means it's time to get productive again!! SO much cool new crap to photograph. Summer 2012. Best ever.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Monday, May 28, 2012


Checkin' out my sick new duds, eh? Good news and bad news, my friend. These sick duds aren't actually mine. They're YOURS. As in, you can buy them right this second on the Fabulous Stains Etsy page! As badly as I'd like to keep these clothes for myself, I'm not that selfish... I always consider the wants and needs of our beloved community. Pay it forward. Kinda crazy how well everything matches, you know? Nothing does a studded vest justice quite like a rhinestone-encrusted-guitar-graphic tank top. And purple shorts to match! *Kisses fingers passionately in a 'voila' hand motion* Oh wait, that's a French thing, right? I meant to throw up my devil's fingers and headbang. Just remember, no moshing without me. If I find out y'all went to an AC/DC concert without inviting me first, I swear to GOD I will kick your butts to H - E- double hockey sticks and back!!!!

Beanie - H&M
Reflective sunnies - 80s Purple
Lipstick - "Airborne Unicorn" by Lime Crime
Choker - ROMWE
Rock and Roll Forever Tank - THE FABULOUS STAINS
Belt - Brighton

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, May 25, 2012


Ha. I'm so clever about referencing musicians I like. Literally though, I'm wearing a handmade floral halo around my head. You've seen it before, but this theme is maybe a little more approachable than the get-up I sported last time. This outfit was inspired by Analisa Nguyen over at Rouge Fox, who I consider to be the poster child of pastel colorblocking and flower prints. I mean, she's really good at this shit. Y'all know how critical I am of bloggers who cop out and pair a baggy white tee with spearmint jeans, lucite heels, and a Birkin bag. I need more juice than that, more steam, more spirit. If fashion bloggers were energy drinks, Analisa would be Full Throttle because she goes hard and takes it home. But she's so subtle and modest about it. And dainty!!!! She'd probably read this and be like, "energy drinks?? Bebe, I drink coconut water. I'm all about getting my RELAX on. That's why I wear so many pastels and photograph myself in the haze of my flowery suburb." Chill life.

Flower crown - DIY
Crooked sunglasses - Secondhand
Blouse - YES STYLE (Analisa, if you're reading this, YOU NEED THIS BLOUSE. It has a crochet collar and everything. Don't even ACT like you're not drooling right now!)
Wedges - Nine West

Me and the rest of the Stains are catering to our color-hungry customers seeking a pair of GREEN JEANS in a size 4! These electric pants are available for purchase at $20 -- hit us up on our Etsy page. "LOVES IT!" - our unofficial motto (I'm probably the only Fabulous Stain who thinks Paris Hilton is a goddess... Jessi may tell you otherwise, but I've seen a bottle of Paris Hilton perfume on her dresser so I KNOW she has a secret soft spot!!!!)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm addicted to quoting "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" by the Cowsills, especially while I'm wearing floral print. Sadly, that happens to be very frequently, like at least every-other-day-frequently, so I'm quickly running out of lyrics to reference! If you know of any other classics that are as dreamy good as this one, LET ME KNOW. I'm wearing an amorphous dress in this look (endowed shape by a simple braided belt) with pink suede lace-up sandals. I definitely don't seem like a sandal person and that's because I'm really not one. Might have to do with the fact that I have toenails I can only describe as "unfortunate." But I'm willing to bare them every now and again if the shoes are SUPER cute and SUPER practical (SUPER WORTH IT.) These are one of those pairs... diggin the laces! Haven't ever owned sandals that wrapped around the leg like that. Besides the shoes, I'm sporting another one of my pastel flower crowns that I have since decided to give to my best friend Jessi, who looked oh so very cute borrowing it at a store opening in LA last week. Sometimes my friends will wear something of mine just once, and their outfit will look SO GOOD that the idea of NOT letting them keep whatever they borrowed is ghastly. So I insist that they keep it. Friends who want my shit: now you know my weakness. PERSUADE ME.

Flower crown - DIY
Floral dress - YES STYLE
Rose cardigan - ROMWE
Braided belt - NATURAL COLOUR
Sandals - YES STYLE

I've been posting so infrequently lately because I've been in Hollywood for the past week. Tomorrow, Jessi and I are heading to a music festival called Lightning in a Bottle. From what I've heard, it's like a 4-day camping trip separated by DJ sets and raves at nighttime. I'm nervous about having to sleep in a tent... Jessi calls it "glamping" (glamour camping) but I don't think any clever euphemism can alleviate the agony of limited access to showers and no air conditioning. But I'm doing it anyway! I'll let you know how my first ever camping trip and overnight music festival unfolds... at least I packed cute clothes, right? Crop tops for days.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Is it just me, or do most people hate the idea of being freakishly matchy-matchy? I feel like as soon as I notice that two garments are the exact same color, I MUST pair them in an outfit because they're 'spiritually meant to be.' It's fate that they're an identical shade! Twins! Separated at birth!! Though I guess in this outfit, I'm dealing with a much larger litter. Plum hat, plum turtleneck, purple skirt, burgundy heels. I quite look like a bottle of wine. Many thanks to American Apparel for sending me this beloved turtleneck crop top... how'd they know it's my favorite of their signature designs?? I picked up a black one over the winter and it's my most practical staple to date. Also love that it bares my midriff because it FORCES me to care about staying in shape. Secret: sometimes I buy crop tops to motivate myself into doing more sit-ups and crunches. Yup, I want abs.

Floppy hat - Forever 21
Sweater - Borrowed from my sis!
Turtleneck - American Apparel (sponsored)
Skirt - Vintage
Wedges - Nine West x Karen Elson
Bag - Etro

The bag isn't a perfect purple match, but the fringe seemed fitting! It's free spirited. Plum, burgundy, and maroon are definitely fall colors, but I don't want to limit my spring palette to pastels and floral. I love baby pink and robin's egg blue and the ubiquitous mint green... but I love switching things up so much more. Duh. I'm Bebe Zeva.

Everything is infinite,