Thursday, May 10, 2012


Velvet + anything is automatically the bomb shit. It gives any and every ensemble a gothic edge, which can get prettttty sexy haute if your outfit theme is dark to begin with. I paired this velvet bustier with a maroon maxi skirt c/o American Apparel to experiment with its witchy wonder. Turned out incredibly well, I think! I felt like a mystic fortune telling sorceress of dark magic in all my gauzy capes and crosses. Pretty obvious that bindi-inspired body jewels are my new signature. But they're also everybody else's signature, so I guess that doesn't make them a 'signature' at all. That makes them a trend. And me a conformist. THE ABSOLUTE HORROR!!!! Eastern influence is takin' over my body and soul, which totally explains why I'm such a prideful individualist, you know? Suck on it, haters.While you guys spy these photos, I'll be charming a snake somewhere in the Saharan desert. SEACREST OUT. (#relevanthumor2003)

Scarf - Secondhand
Body jewel - Party City
Sunglasses - 80s Purple
Velvet robe - Frederick's of Hollywood
Belt - Brighton
Maxi skirt - American Apparel (sponsored)
Wedges - ROMWE
I wore this outfit to one of my Women's Studies discussions a few weeks ago. I just took my final exam yesterday and am having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that my favorite course is OVER FOR GOOD and the semester is donezo and now I gotta stress about summer plans and music festivals and stuff. If you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at managing my stress levels, which is probably why I opt out of so many opportunities that would probably benefit my being/career. Sometimes it seems like brainwashing myself into believing that an opportunity does not exist is more comforting and convenient than actually making the effort to accept and experience one. Ah. Coping mechanisms. 

(P.S., I'm wearing a fake bindi again, so if you're interested in hearing my position on reappropriation in fashion, here's a response I published on formspring a few months ago.)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Awesome look. I really love those sunnies and that skirt

  2. Very stunning outfit- as per usual- and that's such a well spoken and articulate post on your formspring! I love the clothes you wear, but you actually have something relevant or funny to say a lot of the time, and I definitely love that most about your blog! Some bloggers avoid any kind of written content, and for some I suppose that's ok, but I far prefer it when you can read a post and feel as though there's an actual person with opinions behind the pretty pictures! xx

  3. I too feel like I look like a trendy hipster when I wear bindis, but my approach to wearing Eastern clothing and accessories has a lot more to do with who I am as a person and my spiritual beliefs, as opposed to what trends I'm seeing. Since I'm so linked to Indian culture, I in turn like to adopt a lot of their fashion staples into my style, and dress with certain themes in mind. In the end, that means more to me than what's trendy.

    Though it does thrill me to see other people wearing bindis and whatever else. If only I lived in such a place where I could see these people walking around my town, however... I can safely say I am the one person in this general area that dresses this way. Kind of a bummer!

  4. Its a nice look. A little ethnic a little edgy. i guess the turban impacts it ;) love them

  5. totally love this look.
    you look amazing in every post! <3

  6. I love this outfit. And I love your sunglasses, they're amazing <3.
    But what I wanted to say is about cultural appropriation. I agree with you. I often find people on tumblr saying that white girls shouldn't wear accessories that belong to black/native/latino culture. I never wear those things, but I can't get why other people shouldn't be allowed to, and most important I don't get how this is supposed to encourage interaction and tolerance between different cultures. If I were to say "oh no, you're a black girl, you really shouldn't dress goth because goth belongs to british people who lived in the 80s, you're taking from them something that is not yours!" I would be called the ultimate racist asshole. Why doesn't it work in reverse too?
    I get that PoC (or better, non-white people) have been taken freedom and rights by some white people during the centuries, but this is not meant to steal anything, this is meant to appreciate something that belongs to a different culture, which I think is good. I know what I'd be answered to this would be something along the lines of "we don't give a fuck what you think, you're white so your opinion doesn't matter at all, the only thing important here is what we feel facing this issue" so I never say anything. But I can't help thinking this is a huge misunderstanding :/
    (Sorry about my english!)


  7. This is amazing, everything about the outfit is perfect! In love with your blog, it won't let me follow for some reason?!

  8. one word for this outfit...perfect!

  9. This outfit is perfection. I love how everything is black, except for the skirt!

  10. gorgeous outfit!!!

    Hayley xx

  11. love the outfit and I love your blog,I like the mix of cultures in fashion and I say do you,I wear all kinds of stuff from goth to boho and anything else.I see plenty chicks donning Dashiki's in all races and I think it all looks cool (especially with Jeffrey campbell
    come check out some of my vintage stuff on my page for sale. :) Thanks

  12. cool outfit ! love your pictures !! x

  13. I LOVE velvet. And your outfit is fab!

  14. great accessories!

    xxx maruschka

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  18. This outfit is a dream come true. Anything that merits the descriptor "witchy" equals automatic love from me. You're great Bebe.


  19. Nice outfit! :333

  20. I just found you blog through, and your style is extremely gorgeous and inspiring! It's quirky and unique and absolutely crazy! Love it!
    You just got yourself a new reader!

  21. love your skirt, your sunglasses, your wedges,..
    everything's just amazing!*

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