Monday, December 30, 2013


If you follow me on Twitter (so sad that this is even a CIRCUMSTANTIAL scenario - if you're reading this, that means you have an Internet connection, and if you have an Internet connection, that means you should have a Twitter, and if you have a Twitter THAT MEANS YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME??) you ALREADY know that I'm a Mary Kate and Ashley enthusiast. I believe in everything MK and Ash represent: creating an empire out of the novelty that is your youth and selling out to the Big Boys. In my humble opinion, HOLIDAY IN THE SUN is the magnum opus of the Olsen twins' film career. We're talking about a movie that stars two babes in tinted, wire-rimmed glasses hanging out at the ATLANTIS RESORT™ for 87 minutes. Better yet, Weezer's on the soundtrack and Megan Fox plays a character named "Brianna Wallace," first class brunette bitch with a 'tude so fierce it even knocks me off my impossibly high horse. "Messages please?" she spits, with her signature sexy sass. I know she and the twins are pitted against one another as they duel it out for irresistibly surf chic JORDAN (Brianna knows what she wants and it's him,) but I'm the kind of film connoisseur who roots for every character, as long as they have an awesome sense of style. And I'll be the first to tell ya... protagonists and antagonists alike, the fashion in this tropical work of avant cinema is IMPECCABLE. So superb that I designed an outfit inspired by the VHS cover.

Hawaii snapback - Gift
Baroque print jacket - AKIRA
Palm tree top - BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK
PU Leather shorts - OASAP
Heels - Missguided

Sooooo... The Baroque Jacket. The pattern is very 2012, but opulent gold motifs are still in service so definitely worth the debut. ~ Thanks SHOP AKIRA for keeping my look "a look."

The BITNB top has been waiting for a cameo since I was 19 or something... oh the distant glow of youth. Has a similar aura to the yellow > orange > brown gradient.  

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Wearing another Count The Sheep piece in this look -- a staple denim vest for when the breezes are too balmy for long sleeves. I layered mine over a union jack print bralet top from Romwe and an even darker denim pinafore. Hope this warms you up even though it's prob SNOWING everywhere else in the world... Merry Christmas and a happy winter solstice to those who celebrate! ^_^

"Denim vest" - Count the Sheep
Union jack print bralet top - Romwe
"Dark denim pinafore" - Gipsy Pixie
"Sex and the City Sleek Stilettos" - Dailylook

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Saturday, December 21, 2013


This look is a flashback to September when I was still enrolled in college and earnestly dressing the part. Don't let the innocence of my beret and patent loafers trick you into believing that I was a good student... this whole "prep school" thing is compensation for how academically incompetent I truly am. A lowkey costume. A distraction. Guess I'm one of those people who's more into the idea of campus life than participation in the actual thing.

The rocket ship and planets print skirt looks retro even though it's a new piece from Count the Sheep. I'm fond of new interpretations of the over-saturated space theme, which usually takes on the humble form of celestial swirls. This vintage style suits me just as well. ^_^

Beret - Yes Style
Baseball jacket - American Apparel
"Play" polo top - Comme des Garcons
"Space flare skirt" - Count the Sheep
Loafers - Swaychic

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Friday, December 20, 2013


Though it might officially be too cold to wear pleather shorts, the collared blouse and hoodie combo should offer enough insulation to survive this winter. And no my sweater is not some sarcastic post-Halloween joke... I'm genuinely feeling the skeleton print in an "it's ironic for me to reference Donnie Darko" kinda way. Is that still sarcastic? Whatever. Pay attention to the fact that I used the same gradient layer on every photograph instead.

Snapback - Yes Style
"Oversize retro cat eye sunglasses" - ZeroUV
Skeleton hoodie - Romwe
Quilted shorts - Yes Style
Sneaker wedges - Boohoo

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Thursday, December 19, 2013


It's been a while since the last time I visited an earthy, borderline bohemian look. Been sticking to black and white since it's clean, practical, and easy to mix and match. Now that I more or less live out of a suitcase, minimalism plays a pretty major role in my decision making process. But this look came from a different place... somewhere careless and peaceful. Channeling the feather print. Channeling the distant spring. 

Leopard hat - Scoop NYC
Leather jacket - Diesel
Feather print crop top - Starling
Chartreusse harem pants - Yes Style
Boots - Secondhand
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I've recently discovered that you can do floral prints without looking bohemian -- it's finding modern pieces with more contemporary flower motifs than the ones at Urban Outfitters that's difficult. Fortunately, I scored a blouse and matching jacket from Romwe and never had to set foot in a mall (or overpriced vintage boutique). I like to think of this pastel checkerboard and rose pattern as "a garden of .pngs" -- turquoise florets superimposed over a bed of transparent squares. I had to show off that I own a set (at least two matching prints) and paired the pieces with a Romwe overalls dress. Gives me a flirty but industrious vibe... like I'm ready to get my knees in the proverbial dirt of Photoshop. 

Necklace - OASAP
Pastel rose jacket - Romwe
Matching pastel blouse - Romwe
Overalls dress - Romwe
Cut-out booties - Missguided 

P.S. Don't forget about our date this Saturday, Los Angeles! I'll be selling almost ALL of my current wardrobe at the Caffeinated Cutie BrewWell holiday party and YARD SALE... stop by and eat free pocky! <3

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


When I first arrived in LA over a month ago, I underestimated how easy it would be to collaborate with other artists in the music, film, and fashion industry. Only days into what I originally thought was an abbreviated stay in the city, my (creative genius) friend Cory Nixon offered me a role in a music video he and another director were producing for a local band called "Flowerboy." As soon as I heard that my part would entail sabotaging a group of tough guys with the rest of my feminist powerhouse girl gang, I was sold on the project. And blessed to be working with such an incredible crew of videographers, writers, and musicians. Check out the completed music video and let me know what you think!!!! 

I want to extend personal thanks to the team for making this gorgeous vision a dream pop reality. Cory Nixon and David Adesman, for directing, producing, and making sure the shoot was always a lemonade party and not just a film set, Jeremy Meltzer for his production, the band FLOWERBOY for writing and performing this beautiful song, Marina Fini for styling us girls in her signature jewelry AND assisting the film team, and of course the entire cast of actors! Amanda Rogers, Colin Deatherage, Sam Thornton, Corey Haupt, and the band members themselves -- Brynn Herrick, Kaitlynn Lucas, and Ryan Wermer! I love you all and hope to work with you again in the near future. <3

Everything is infinite (in the city of Angels),

Bebe Zeva

Monday, December 9, 2013


Remember when A$AP did that KTZ thing on instagram and then nearly two years later I showed up like a hypebeast rocking a pair of lookalike print leggings from Romwe? I'm a late bloomer... but at least I bloomed (or something.) Reflective sunglasses and a silver chain serve as my outfit's proverbial cherry on top. And for fruit on the bottom: a pair of Daily Look patent white heels to match my Daily Look racerback crop top

Beanie - H&M
Quilted jacket - Sheinside
Crop top - Daily Look

Leggings - Romwe
Heels - Daily Look

P.S. Fellow Los Angelans, don't forget to stop by BREWWELL on December 14th to 1) party with me and my girls and 2) SHOP OUR CLOSETS!!!!!!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Sunday, December 8, 2013


So, any of you who are at all familiar with celebrity culture will know exactly who I'm talking about when I say that my inspiration for this look was Courtney Stodden. Yes, the buxom blonde who married into fame young and has been the source of much ridicule and resentment from the internet ever since. Why? Because Courtney is a feminist. Yup. You can be a feminist and look like what some second-wave fem scholars consider an idealization of socially constructed symbols fashioned by patriarchy (you know, the white men in charge). I earnestly believe that Courtney is an ambassador of the contemporary feminist movement. She chooses to represent herself in such a way that is so unapologetically feminine it is threatening to men. Courtney is our generation's master of subverting the Patriarchal movement to make women sexual objects by reveling in how beautiful and sexual she feels as a person. And is she entitled to do that? She is entitled to do anything. She is a woman.

No woman, born with or without a vagina, is obligated to reject non-essential symbols of femininity to prove that she recognizes Patriarchy's problematic architecture. People of privilege, specifically cis white men, are however ethically obligated not to contribute to sexism. Since women do not systematically perform sexism on themselves, the contributions they might make are neutral unless a male exploits them to his advantage. So, ladies, don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't wear heels and lipstick without compromising your feminism. You are entitled to appeal to the male gaze, you are entitled to arouse men by dressing and behaving in such a way that attracts them, and you are entitled to opt out of "empowering yourself." You are entitled to do you. As women, we are not responsible for undermining the system that oppresses us. Men are.

TIME TO TALK CLOTHES... this is where the "cyber" twist comes in. My holographic jeans are c/o Kill City and too undescribably rad to wear with anything other than matching silver. So I paired them with a futuristic top from Romwe with *metallic panels* and *transparent tinted sleeves*. Yeeeah. Pretty much hit the bullseye on what I wanted in a top to complement these jeans and actually no just everything I wanted in a top in general. 

Same goes for the shoes. Stripper heels. Lucite pumps. Whatever. It's the Stoddenista in me.

"Kaleidescope Prism Glasses" - Holes Eyewear
Necklace - Romwe jewelry
Top - Romwe tops
"Junkie Pyramid Holographic Foil Jeans" - c/o Kill City
Heels - Secondhand

P.S. LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I uh kind of LIVE HERE NOW... I'll be selling 75% of my current wardrobe at an ALL GIRLS YARD SALE and HOLIDAY PARTY this Saturday with my besties!!!!!!
Check out all the deets below and RSVP to our event on Facebook! I'll be posting photos of the clothes I'm selling on Instagram with the hashtag #caffeinatedcutie so stay tuned. <3 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I remember way back in the day when "racing" was just emerging as a trend in fast fashion. Performers, stylists, icons making an appearance, anyone relevant in the process of establishing that they were 'leading' in the race to disseminate a trend, started branding with motifs that suggested competition, sport, and acceleration. Racing checks are one of those printed details. Since 2012, I've been collecting checkered garments -- a Chevrolet brand snapback, a Dupont NASCAR jacket, a sponsored Budweiser coat, a Fox BMX jersey, the list (and race) goes on. The top I'm wearing here is borderline costume -- made of an elastic, lycra/polyester/spandex hybrid -- and looks perfectly fitting for a racetrack with its sporty zipper feature. But it's no costume, and I'm dead serious about thinking it's acceptable to leave the house wearing athletic shorts and heels AFTER Halloween. I glammed up the look to elevate the racing aesthetic from "southern speedway" to "streetwear starlet." Function and fashion don't have to be at odds - they can and do work in tandem. 

Beanie - Gifted
Clubmaster Sunglasses - Zero UV
Rhinestone cuff necklace / Checkered cut-out top - ROMWE
Baseball shorts - American Apparel
Fosana Leather Block Heel sandals - MISSGUIDED

I'm wearing a new pair of clubmaster sunglasses from Zero UV, a necklace and top from Romwe, and reflective silver heels from a UK retailer called Missguided! I've found some of the best staple items in my present wardrobe on Missguided - a leather top and matching sweatpants, a leatherette jacket with Versace printed sleeves, a 90s inspired knit sweater, and plenty of killer heels... can't wait to debut the rest of my collection here. ^_^

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva