Sunday, December 8, 2013


So, any of you who are at all familiar with celebrity culture will know exactly who I'm talking about when I say that my inspiration for this look was Courtney Stodden. Yes, the buxom blonde who married into fame young and has been the source of much ridicule and resentment from the internet ever since. Why? Because Courtney is a feminist. Yup. You can be a feminist and look like what some second-wave fem scholars consider an idealization of socially constructed symbols fashioned by patriarchy (you know, the white men in charge). I earnestly believe that Courtney is an ambassador of the contemporary feminist movement. She chooses to represent herself in such a way that is so unapologetically feminine it is threatening to men. Courtney is our generation's master of subverting the Patriarchal movement to make women sexual objects by reveling in how beautiful and sexual she feels as a person. And is she entitled to do that? She is entitled to do anything. She is a woman.

No woman, born with or without a vagina, is obligated to reject non-essential symbols of femininity to prove that she recognizes Patriarchy's problematic architecture. People of privilege, specifically cis white men, are however ethically obligated not to contribute to sexism. Since women do not systematically perform sexism on themselves, the contributions they might make are neutral unless a male exploits them to his advantage. So, ladies, don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't wear heels and lipstick without compromising your feminism. You are entitled to appeal to the male gaze, you are entitled to arouse men by dressing and behaving in such a way that attracts them, and you are entitled to opt out of "empowering yourself." You are entitled to do you. As women, we are not responsible for undermining the system that oppresses us. Men are.

TIME TO TALK CLOTHES... this is where the "cyber" twist comes in. My holographic jeans are c/o Kill City and too undescribably rad to wear with anything other than matching silver. So I paired them with a futuristic top from Romwe with *metallic panels* and *transparent tinted sleeves*. Yeeeah. Pretty much hit the bullseye on what I wanted in a top to complement these jeans and actually no just everything I wanted in a top in general. 

Same goes for the shoes. Stripper heels. Lucite pumps. Whatever. It's the Stoddenista in me.

"Kaleidescope Prism Glasses" - Holes Eyewear
Necklace - Romwe jewelry
Top - Romwe tops
"Junkie Pyramid Holographic Foil Jeans" - c/o Kill City
Heels - Secondhand

P.S. LOS ANGELES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I uh kind of LIVE HERE NOW... I'll be selling 75% of my current wardrobe at an ALL GIRLS YARD SALE and HOLIDAY PARTY this Saturday with my besties!!!!!!
Check out all the deets below and RSVP to our event on Facebook! I'll be posting photos of the clothes I'm selling on Instagram with the hashtag #caffeinatedcutie so stay tuned. <3 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. You're so wonderful it's mind blowing. We're the same age and I've been following you since I was in high school and it's been cool seeing how things change as the years pass by. I loved this article and your ability to share ideas through language.

  2. I've always believed that woman is equal to man and there is no reason why we should not look like million bucks! People should realize that it's not for men, it's for ourselves! Why look like crap in order to prove some point .. when we look our best, that's exactly what gives the message :)



  3. Love this post! And loooooove Courtney <3

  4. nice, but you look sunburnt... please take care in the sun

  5. Great look! I feel like you can never wear too much silver :D I love your message too! I think every woman should love herself and be confident.

  6. Perhaps I am silly for not realizing where the Courtney Stodden reference is with the outfit (I don't know if I research celebrity style enough), but I love a feminist lady that embraces traditionally "seeking male attention," for her own devices. I agree. Wearing red lipstick or a revealing outfit but throwing our the traditional obligation to seek male attention and reciprocate it (but still fucking wearing slutty clothes, because it is important) it entirely empowering. Thank you for your blog posts. I have enjoyed reading them for several years and I enjoy your writing. I hope you continue with vigor.

  7. amazing outfit you look incredible! Loving those heels ;) Courtney Stodden was in our recent celebrity big brother, she got heavily ridiculed!

    Hayley xx

  8. Those sunnies are mindblowing!!

  9. The first one looks like something you would wear. They're all glamorous, but the first one looks youthful as well.

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