Thursday, August 8, 2013


Perhaps this look without a hat will serve as a breath of fresh air... and also maybe a source of inspiration for bottle blondes who are too ashamed to expose their dark roots to the world! I have embraced mine all the way... and in fact I think they accentuate the black and white stripe theme in this retro drop-waist dress look. Whoever says you can't look fancy with a huge patch of undyed brunette locks needs a reality check. It's 2013, plenty of people dye their hair artificial colors, and no one should feel too embarrassed to bare evidence of it. I'm sure you could also make the argument that dark roots suggest laziness... but show me a working woman who has enough time to spare for a four hour hair bleaching appointment and I'll show you 12 year old white girl who doesn't like Justin Bieber. Yeah. Not gonna happen.

Cage collar - ROMWE
"Vertical Stripe Jumper Dress" - ECUGO
Suede wedge heels - YES STYLE
Leather clutch - Doctor Couture

Super simple look with minimal accessories for a casual, cafe-appropriate ensemble. This silhouette seems retro to me -- a floating 1960s cut with timeless stripes and a ruffled hem. It matches nearly all of my heels, but I went with the pointed suede wedges since they're the easiest to walk in without compromising height. 

Yes, as pro-body-acceptance as I am, the fact that I'm so vertically challenged (5'2" represent) still gets to me. Probably has something to do with the fact that *all* the visual media I consume every day as a fashion blogger reinforces a ridiculously tall and borderline emaciated beauty standard... one that has conditioned my self-esteem for the worse. Can designers and campaign directors PLEASE do something about this? If you need your clothes modeled by an underweight amazon to afford them any ounce of sartorial credibility, you're copping out. Let the apparel speak for itself and leave the ~personal interpretation~ to real people with average bodies so consumers can get a REAL idea of what they'll look like if they make the purchase. Don't distract from the garment with a fabricated lifestyle. Consumers should decide that for themselves.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I'm baaaaack with a fluorescent vengeance! Nothing says "ready to go" like racing checks in classic Nascar style. But instead of a jacket adorned in corporate logos, I'm rocking a Givenchy inspired silk bomber from Choies to afford my look a more 'fast fashion' than 'fast track' feel. I've posted a couple photos on Instagram featuring this holographic snapback from my new favorite online shop -- 24 HRS. A million and one of my readers have asked where it's from, so I'm pretty sure this might be the most popular 'crown' in my cap collection. And the lucite heels... man. Where do I begin with these? I apologize in advance for wearing them WAY. TOO. FREQUENTLY. I swear I'm not being lazy. I'm just unhealthily obsessed.

Silver snapback - 24 HRS
Givenchy-print bomber jacket - CHOIES
"Lightweight Bustier Crop Top" - Daily Look
Check-print shorts - ROMWE
"Modern Sandal Heels" - Daily Look

Sooo I've been "offline" for a quite a while because I'm going through a transitional period right now and have been busy trying to establish my surroundings. I recently moved out of my old condo and have been living the vagabond life while waiting for a new apartment to open up. Last time I posted, I mentioned a loft downtown that my family and I intended to move into. It unfortunately didn't work out, but I'm optimistic. I don't think a sense of environmental uncertainty should excuse an exaggerated absence. I've got so many new posts to share with you so I'll try my best to be consistent!! Love you all.

BTW -- the best way to keep in touch with me is on Twitter and!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva