Saturday, September 15, 2012


Though I instantly recognized hundreds of brand names as I entered this year's colossal exhibitor arena at MAGIC, there were hundreds more that looked unfamiliar to me. I’m curious to a fault at times, but my fascination with new and novel retailers actually led me to some incredible discoveries that I’d like to share with you guys! Here’s my ultimate Top 10 Magic Discoveries list:

10. True Fit. This awesome denim company arranged a lunch with the digital influencers to share with us their innovative new service for online shoppers. If you’re shopping for jeans online but fear that you’ll purchase an ill-fitting pair, dispel your anxiety by signing up with True Fit through Nordstrom or Macy's. They’ve generated a system that displays which styles of jeans will fit you best according to the preferences - NOT measurements - you provide! Read more about their revolutionary system here.

9. Vigoss Jeans. Okay, so I’ve ALWAYS known about Vigoss, but what I didn’t know is that their latest selection of prints and colors plays into my recent obsession with BOLD brights. Naturally, a champagne toast ensued.

8. This eyeball bag by Kreepsville 666.

7. Nathan’s chili cheese fries. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY I CAN’T NON-STOP TALK ABOUT CLOTHES. “Easily distracted by greasy, deep fried American cuisine drenched in processed yellow high-calorie goo.” – My impending OK Cupid bio. Mmmmm.

6. This fluorescent, feather print suit from Lucca Couture.

5. Marchez Vous by Yeardly Smith. Okay, it’s ONE thing to discover an awesome new shoe line. It’s another thing to discover that the awesome new shoe line is designed entirely by, um, LISA SIMPSON. Yup! The actress who voices one of the most iconic cartoon characters of our generation makes SHOES! And they’re CRAAAZY cute. Check ‘em out here!

4. Flat Outs. These are genius, obviously. Every gal has suffered the Great High Heels Dilemma: you want to go out for dinner in your sexiest stilettos. But after a couple hours of pounding the pavement, you’re due for a couple blisters. And then what? Plaster your tortured toes in band-aids and Neosporin? Or drown the pain with ten margaritas? Save yourself the hangover and invest in a pair of Flat Outs, which are adorable little flats that curl up into a TINY box and fit perfectly in your purse! So you can take a comfortable pair of shoes WITH you for a night out on the town. Get 'em here. (P.S. I have the leopard pair!)

3. These Irregular Choice heels. That I now OWN. Sometimes I question whether or not I am even deserving of such color-block perfection.

2. Gypsy Junkies. I could go on for hours about this crew – BEYOND the insane level of bohemian inspired, rock and roll groupie uniforms is an incredible team of technicolor pixies and counterculture enthusiasts. Here’s some blurbs from my “Road to Magic” post!
Today I had the pleasure of rockin' the BEST Almost Famous inspired ensemble I've ever laid my eyes (and hands!) on. Gypsy Junkies, a free-spirited brand inspired by classic rock and 1970s hippie glamour, swathed me in a gorgeous white fur coat, fuchsia tie-dye palazzo pants, and a mushroom-print ruffle blouse!
I wore the outfit to my discovery panel to share the glory that is their incredible line with buyers and consumers on the MAGIC floor. If you didn't get a chance to check out their booth at the show, find them online!
Learn more about their AWESOME rebel youth team here.

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