Friday, October 15, 2010


Oscar Wilde once said "life is too important to be taken seriously." It's my favorite quote of all time. Not only is it true, it's deliberately paradoxical; therefore furthering his point in having a laugh at 'the human condition', etc. Yesterday's outfit was a physical manifestation of said concept. I wasn't in the mood to be somber and serious- I wanted to make people happy by process of 'somewhat making a fool of myself'. Here I yam!

From top to bottom:
Black/pink/green headscarf- VINTAGE
Sunglasses- Savers
Feather earrings- Forever 21
Ring necklace- Juicy Couture
Hawaiian t-shirt- Dollar store gift from Travis
Belt- 90's vintage
Shorts- DIY'd them
Flats- Target

My sister compared my outfit to something a famed crazy aunt would wear. You know the stereotype- lives in Florida and pinches your cheeks too hard? That was me. For an entire day.

It's all good. Life's for the livin.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty ring pseudo-pacifier.


Bebe Zeva


  1. Amazing tee.

  2. your large sunglasses create the illusion of a young, near childish, face, but your womanly figure tells a different story, resulting in intense sexual insecurity

  3. Love your style and your blog!! We are also peers, and I think it's so difficult to find young girls with sense of style!! I'm your new follower.

    Hope you'll visit me back:

  4. waaaw im totally fan of this look!
    i love the foulard on your head!