Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday I dressed as a floral -clad free-spirit in my flowery pink, purple, and green shift dress from Buffalo Exchange. The weather was perfect for this outfit; my skirt and scarf billowed in the autumn breeze. I felt elated. There's nothing better than an outfit that requires no adjustments throughout the day. I often judge an outfit's appeal based on how low or high maintenance it is. A cluster of beaded necklaces paired with a zipper-happy leather jacket and knee-high socks looks incredible but requires too much rearrangement to be considered comfortable. Obviously I would wear it anyway. Pain = beauty, discomfort = fashion. Shit is non-conventional for a reason.

From top to bottom:
Dress- "Tramp", bought it at Buffalo Exchange
Scarf- Somewhere in New England
Bracelets- Nordstrom
Wedges- Target

The back of the dress is undoubtedly the best part. And in case you're wondering about my purse- it's a leather laptop bag my mom found me on eBay! Luckily it fits everything I need- computer, charger, makeup bag, wallet, ipod, phone, and Richard Yates.

And in celebration of rosy florets- this collection of cloth flowers for my hair!

I can't wait to begin messing around with scrunchies and hair bows. It's about time I start personalizing my winter fashion gimmick.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. beautiful dress!!!
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  2. You remind me of a polly pocket.


  3. I love your dress!

  4. i love your style Bebe. I have my own clothes collection thats why ive decided to create a blog under my site. So you can check it;)))))xooxox