Monday, March 12, 2012


Weird to think that I've had this sweater for so many months but never thought to debut it on my blog. It's undoubtedly the best knit I've got in my wardrobe -- woven with silver strings, dress-length, loose, and accented by a boat neck. I've worn it a million times on days when I couldn't be bothered to think of an outfit theme. Maybe this sweater is a cop-out for me, but what's so wrong with needing an off day to recoup your inspiration? I like the flexibility my sweater provides, both physically and creatively. I can wear it with shorts and boots or a polka dot collar, cropped leggings, and loafers. If you're gonna look comfy and care-free, may as well do it with some sassy metallic threads.

Bowler hat - ROMWE,
Blouse w/ brooch - ROMWE,
Necklace - Rings and Tings
Platform boots - YES STYLE,

PAUSE EVERYTHING. I have a terrible habit of expressing myself overzealously when I receive a new pair of shoes, probably because I'm subconsciously a shoe hoarder who casually pretends to have zero dependence on wearable possessions. The problem with my constant gushing over new shoes and dresses and wrist cuffs is that you can't actually tell when I'm legitimately DYING over how amazing some garment is. Kind of like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, except for me there's no tragic outcome except you guys rolling your eyes and saying "yup, I'm sure you're reaaaaally fading in and out of consciousness because that detachable collar is so great." Tragic, because I really do genuinely fade in and out of consciousness when a spankin' new detachable collar enters my life. Like a child, or pet, or sexy movie star boyfriend. So I wanted to present a disclaimer today about my hyperbolic enthusiasm to prepare you for the fact that OH MY GOD THESE SHOES ARE REALLY SERIOUSLY THE BEST THINGS EVER ASDFLKJASLFJSADL;ALSDFJLASDJ I LOVE THEM BEYOND VERBAL EXPRESSION!!!!!! To you, they seem totally average, but to me... they open up five hundred million new doors to summer outfit ideas. Finally, I can wear outfits like Madeline's here and Jessica's here.

I hope you love them as much as I do. They've got a tough sole (like me! Get it??) a platform heel, and a subtle buckle for tying all the metal accents together. Forever indebted to you, Yes Style, for making these black bootie beauties available to me!! Black bootie beauties... great, can't wait for that annoyingly catchy phrase to be stuck in my head all FREAKIN DAY LONG *line on EKG monitor goes flat as I fall to the floor* (9 times out of 1o I can be summoned out of cardiac arrest by someone holding a yogurt parfait under my nose. Chewy bars -- the new chicken wings.)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. your blog is fated to be loved.
    loving the outfit fyi

    xxx jasmine

  2. i cannot tell you how much i love your shoes !
    and your sweater looks really comfy! a must for any wardrobe!

  3. The shoes and the necklace... OMG, what can I say?
    Love your blog :)

  4. Hello Bebe. :)
    I really like this look. The sweater is soo pretty and I love the metallic theme here. Plus, the pink lipstick looks so very good on you.
    I love these shoes too, black always works!
    Have a nice day. :)

  5. love the look, and the shoes are pretty awesome!!! i love chunky shoes so much!

    Hayley xx

  6. Hey! que lindo outfit! lindo sueter!

  7. Love the lipstick and the thigh highs<3

  8. GAH your outfits are always so well put together and glamerous- you've inspired me to be much more daring with my clothes choices and attempt an outfit post which is a little more rock and roll than my normal style, and I've loved it! Thank you!

  9. l-o-v-e this

  10. OH! Those shoes! Beauty!

    I think this sweater would also look great with white leggings. I'd love to be able to style it that way!

  11. I completely agree with your obsession, a new pair of shoes can change my life in a significant way. Your new babies are gorgeous. That look from Madeline is also one of my faves!

  12. Shoes change lives. I love shoes. God.. If I could wear shoes as a top and skirt....... That's actually not a bad idea at all ;)
    You look GORGEOUS!!!! I love this look so much. I've just purchased a pair of shoes similar to those, but in red from UO, they were on sale and by Deena and Ozzy.. They finally arrived and I immediately put them on and walked around the house with them. Threw myself on the couch with my sweats and big ass '99 cent only' tee shirt (yes they exist) and crossed my legs with my booties while chompin' on some delicious barbeque lays. ALSO, YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO 4,000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!! When you hit 4,000, I will include this new accomplishment on my blog :D Followers aren't necessary, but it sure is nice to have a decent few.. Especially 4 smackeroos! Woooo!!!

  13. you look so stunning!

  14. Love the sweater. The winged necklace is amazing. Love the whole outfit. Great styling.

  15. Love this outfit! Everything goes amazing together.


  16. I don't think this is a day-off outfit! It looks great and well put together, maybe the theme is just you
    I love the jumper
    Serendipity Style Blog

  17. perfect sweater! I've got a similar one, with golden metallic thread, but a bit shorter. :)

  18. Those shoes are so fucking rad.

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