Saturday, June 22, 2013


Another day, another item from Heavenly Couture's $16 or less selection! I'm wearing a utility blouse tucked into a Motel Rocks circle skirt with Pink & Pepper peeptoe heels. The look is flirtatious, summery, and (my idea of) timeless. Besides the tribal-esque fabric on my shoes, I'm not repping many trends here. Mostly just falling back on classic staples like a floppy hat and red lipstick. 

Floppy hat - Karmaloop
Necklace - Chanel
"Shaish Light Longsleeve Utility Blouse" - HEAVENLY COUTURE
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Motel Rocks
Heels - Pink & Pepper

Today's lonesome necklace is a far cry from yesterday's jewelry overload. While I think this outfit translates well from day to night, the minimalist motifs make it a better fit for evening. As always, check out Pink & Pepper for more date-appropriate styles. ^-^

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Nice black/red combination :)

  2. Hey,
    great outfit! The skirt is sweet! :)

  3. OMG. I love your style <3
    Very nice outfit :*

  4. I love the red and black look on you and red lipstick is so pretty on you! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  5. Those heels are really cool! And you really have the most amazing lips!

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  7. I adore this look, and you are so pretty! x

  8. i love the and black are perfect together..

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  9. Awesome look ! xxx

  10. Very cute outfit
    Want your fedora
    S xx

  11. Your style is awesome :)

  12. This look is outstanding and you are very pretty girl. I like your blog :-))

  13. The belt is amazing! xx

  14. Love this look; its fun, effortless and chic!

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