Wednesday, June 19, 2013


What a perfect little number this Daily Look pink and leopard dress is. It's definitely cute enough to wear solo with no accessories cramping its glamour, but... you know me. Had to indulge in the faux fur. As for the cap -- I must wear a hat these days to hide my dark roots! They are out of control and I have NO idea how to stop them because I've never dyed my hair myself. Bleaching only one patch of hair seems extremely complicated and also HIGH PRESSURE because - hello - it's bleach, and that shit fries ya follicles. But I'm really not in the mood (or financial position) to drop another $200 on a professional appointment. So. Until I make up my mind about how to tame these brunette beasts, I'll be wearing caps like my life depends on it. Because my social reputation does, and that's about the same thing. 

Cap - Vintage
Cuff necklace - OASAP
"Chain and Leopard Shift Dress" - Daily Look
Faux fur vest - Boohoo
Patent heels - Daily Look

It's also come to my attention that I wear this silver cuff necklace WAY TOO FREAKIN' OFTEN and I'm worried that you guys are starting to get peeved with my lack of accessory originality. I can hear the haters now... "new outfit post from Bebe? Oh great, I can't wait to see what outfit she paired with that stupid silver necklace THIS week." I'm sorry to have failed you... it's just... a really cute necklace. :(


Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. you look amazing!
    And there's no problem with the brunnet on your hair! Style it! you can ♥


  2. Looking fab as always (silver necklace or not).

  3. you looked much better in darker hair. The blond makes you so much more cheesy, and you look like just another blond girl

  4. I love the necklace! I don't care what anyone else says. You can never go wrong with a simple necklace with a bold statement. Looking fab as always.

    xx AlexisSplash

  5. Fabulous look! I really love this style hat on you. They are so flattering on you until you get your hair situation figured out. I have not dyed my hair in years and I really need to, but it is soooo expensive! And, I also do not dare to do mine myself. LOL! Love the dress and vest and necklace here! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  6. ☯☯Fabulous look!☯☯

  7. That dress is sooo fancy, it fits u well!
    Good looking as always :)

  8. $200?! To bleach your hair and dye it blonde?! And I thought I was paying my hairdresser too much - last time I spent less than half that price and I still thought it was expensive...

  9. Looking so glam! And hey, maybe you'll find a way to rock the roots haha.

    Little Black Russian


  10. You are so funny :)) The necklace is great, keep pairing it up, it looks amazing with that vest :) Kisses,