Monday, June 17, 2013


I felt like a seriously swagged out ballerina in this look -- a magenta skirt as poofy as a tutu paired with a lilac vintage blouse from the boos at Tunnel Vision (my favorite online retailer for *legit* vintage apparel sourced from the best thrift stores in America). Snapback was obvious. I hardly leave the house without one. I've been in this dependent condition for about nine months and so far I have NO interest in curing the addiction. As for the boots - I used to be addicted to those, too. About a year ago. Then I kinda stopped wearing platforms because I was more interested in sneaker wedges. Nowadays I'm more open to the idea of variety and less to the idea of sartorial commitment. It's kinda like I have a polyamorous relationship with shoes. 

"Skull Embellish Snapback" - OASAP
Vintage hibiscus blouse - TUNNEL VISION
Magenta skirt - CHICWISH
Zigi boots - Karmaloop

It took me F O R E V E R to finally will myself to wearing this outfit (and photograph it). Not because I was too embarrassed to be seen in public wearing something "gaudy" (um, hello, self-proclaimed and proud outcast over here) but because I felt like no occasion would ever be good enough to honor with a match as trill as this one. But after enough deliberation I realized that any event is as good as you make it. And as long as you're surrounded by fun company, the event's 'glamour' (or lack thereof) doesn't really matter.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. did i tell you you're perfect before? if not: you are perfect!

  2. gorgeous oufit. im so in love with that blouse, its beautiful!!!! I feel like that all the time with outfits, that they are so awesome that they need an awesome event to be showcased :P

    Hayley xx

  3. i've always loved your shoes! it's gorgeous! <3

  4. Now thats an impressing outfit! Love it

  5. loving your hat, loving your shoes, cool <3

  6. Wow wow!!!!! Xx amazing outfit hair and makeup xx