Thursday, June 20, 2013


Where on earth could I be going in such a swanky dress and jacket, eh? Only the best of the very best, a small Pho restaurant in Vegas' Chinatown mall, which has pretty much monopolized my recent dining outings.  I didn't realize that this dress, in all its luxurious gold and ruby patterned glory, was actually REALLY short when I ordered it off Yes Style, probably because the models on that website have no asses and therefore dresses don't ride up their backside like they do on me. No offense. But anyway, slipping into a pair of skin-tight leatherette shorts last minute solved that would-be fashion mishap in a flash. *hits cymbals*

Bowler cap / Gold necklace - ROMWE
Cropped dress - YES STYLE
Fuchsia blazer - FAIRGROUND
Suede heels - Persunmall

The clear winner in this outfit's battle-of-the-separates is my fuchsia blazer with gold embroidered nautical motifs on the sleeve. How cute is it that they look like a watch and bracelet? Now that's the definition of clever. Fairground kills it every season, so I'm not surprised that they came up with this gorgeous jacket (and a matching peplum dress that I've yet to debut). In fact, I'm so obsessed with their inventory that I'm gonna have to arrange a collage of all my favorite pieces from their site to give you a true introduction. Stay tuned. Or peep their online store in advance and save yourself the anticipation. ;)

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. that dress incredible! I could never pull it off haha!

  2. Gorgeously combined. I love pieces that were bought separately but look like they belong together.

  3. I love the details on your fuchsia blazer sleeves with this dress! Beautifully combined and I love YesStyle as well! They were the very first Korean style company I discovered online and I still think they are the very best as their selection is incredible! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  4. why oh why?
    why you look so amazing?
    gorgeous dress

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  5. Gorgeous dress! and I love your blazer with it!
    - Charlotte

  6. Wearing shorts or a tight skirt under a short dress has saved me so many times ;)
    The dress looks great anyway and I love the blazer!



  7. Your style is so unique!! Xo

  8. WOW. I love your style. *.*

  9. I love your blog. Just saying. Following you on bloglovin, girlfriend <3 ok bye

  10. It was really nice style.Build was very awesome, I fit in it handsomely, got many compliments when I wore it. Next time, if I want more mens leather jackets, I will visit without any hesitation.

  11. the pattern of the dress is beautiful, but you're right, it is really short! looks amazing on you though, especially teamed with the pink blazer! have fun at the restaurant :) xx