Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm due to update you on my costumed Halloween adventures from 2 nights ago! I was privileged to spend the evening with my five favorite people in the universe- Travis, Jackson, Chloe, Andrew, and my sister. We all dressed up, some more elaborately than others, and assembled at the Bender Residence for a night of trick or tweeting and candy eating.

Costumes from left to right:
Me: A buzzband (can you guess which one?)
Andrew: A nun
Jackson: A spooky ghost
Chloe: Macie Lightfoot from "As Told By Ginger"
Rachel: Morrissey
Travis: MVP (Most Vertical Primate [a skateboarding hipster monkey])

My costume is comprised of:
-Feather headdress (purchased at Party City then painted neon colors)
-Tie-dye t-shirt (did it myself!)
-Tie-dye and paint splatter tights (did it myself!)
-Purple Moccasins ($5 at Savers)

Better close-ups of our costumes (unfortunately only Travis', Rachel's, and mine are available):

I also got a ton of film photos from the rest of the eve's extravaganza. Enjoy!


Bebe Zeva


  1. Where do u trick-er-treat in Vegas, pray tell? I imagine u guys going door to door at the MGM Grand or Wynn or something...

  2. I've already said this, but I'm saying it again. I am editing myself into the first picture. Look! Theres totally a space right beside Rachel.

  3. Woow ! I really Love your blog !
    I can't believe you only got 47 followers !
    You have a really great style, I'll follow you (: