Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I know what you're thinking. "That shirt is SO aligned with your personal brand, Bebe." And you can thank Wildfox Couture for making that alignment possible in the first place! I decided that this metallic triangle t-shirt is presently my favorite item of clothing. It's long enough to cover my butt and wear with a pair of thigh-high tights like I did last Friday for the downtown arts festival. For those who wonder, I never wear t-shirts without a proper garment underneath! That means no matter how long the hem, there's always a skirt, dress or pair of shorts hiding beneath my top. I'm WAY too self-conscious to let the wind blow where the sun doesn't shine... ;)

Beanie- H&M
Glasses- Tilly's
Shirt- Wildfox Couture
Tights- H&M
Heels- Vera Wang

And I OF COURSE always show you guys when I get a new pair of shoes, so please give a warm welcome to these navy peep-toe sling-back Vera Wang pumps! The elevated black platform makes the stiletto rise much less intimidating for a heel-challenged girl like me and considerably easier to walk in! I'd actually say that these are one of my more comfortable pairs of platform shoes.

Here's a polaroid my wonderful friend Nick took of me outside the WASH-A-RAMA in our downtown arts district! Nick is the most dedicated photographer of Vegas culture and has more experience with film cameras than anyone I know. If you want to know what life is like for two 17 year olds in Las Vegas, check out his work- he expertly captures the lifestyle with his brilliant eye for aesthetics and urban beauty.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. AH! so hipster! haha no but seriously i love it!!

  2. I NEEED THIS TEE!! i think i will die if i dont get one, but im so broke right now :(
    i may have to copy it and DIY one myself.
    im obsessed with triangles!

    looks great on you, i also need your hair please, thanks ;)

  3. is this shirt from long t's?

  4. what polish are you wearing? i lurve it.

  5. You are so young and still you have created this own style. Love it.

  6. I really love your style, you always look stunning and fabulous, congrats (:

  7. love the vera wangs! she's a genius!


  8. I agree that something should always be worn under longer tshirts, but SERIOUSLY what have you got to be self concious about? You're stunning babe!

  9. i want that tee great outfit and those glasses ive been look everywhere for some geek glasses. im happy i found your blog thanks you just got a new follower

  10. Dang girl, I'm likin' that combo.


  11. I'm obsessed with your shoes! Good tip about wearing shorts. Going out without them is just asking for trouble. Awesome outfit!

    Alexa @ VPV

  12. Hiii I love your style! check my blog if you like follow and leave a comment! =)

  13. yeah...great shirt....btw in love with the vera wang shoes...
    and really like the polaroid pic...!!!!!!!

  14. beautiful look♥

  15. i'm exactly the same, no matter how long the hemline there will always be something on underneath i'm far too terrified something with hang out or i'll accidentally expose myself! way too self conscious for that!
    I love this t-shirt on you, in fact i love this entire outfit :)

  16. STUNNING ! I love how these simple pieces of clothing make an amazing outfit ! ♥

  17. I L.O.V.E. your style!



  18. Hi

    how did you end up on seventeen magazine?