Thursday, July 7, 2011


Monday night I decked myself out in the latest and greatest additions to my wardrobe- a floor-sweeping black dress, super massive circle sunglasses, and cross & skull necklaces by AMEN. All elements of my outfit coalesced to form a look somewhat reminiscent of 'Gaga goes Givenchy goth'. It's been raining sporadically here in Vegas for the past few days, so a head-to-toe black get-up was perfectly fitting. Weather often has the most profound influence on wardrobe choices. Thank you, thunder, for inspiring me in particular!

Knitted hat- Secondhand
Sunglasses- The Cobrashop,
Dress- Black Label, AKIRA,
Necklaces- AMEN,
Bracelets- Jessica Simpson, Nine West
Clogs- Candies

This black dress from AKIRA proves that 'big black dress' may reign victorious over LBD. I'd rather wear a floor-length maxi to a fancy dinner than a cropped microdress! The circular slits at the side make up for any ounce of sexy that the draping bottom-half takes away. I've never felt more confident about my silhouette and emphatically recommend this style to anyone looking for a ground-grazing gown!

As for my jewelry- some of it's vintage, but all the gaudy goth pieces are from an incredible new brand known as "AMEN" sold by This Is Transition. I turned this bracelet into a choker necklace by knotting a piece of white string to each clasp and tying it behind my neck! Seemed like a practical solution to a bracelet slightly too large for my little wrists. No matter the manner in which the jewelry is worn, its perfectly industrial aesthetic is still evident.



There are plenty of other crosses, skulls, rocks, and eiffel towers to go around on the site! Check it out-

P.S. I've been featured in the NEW YORK TIMES STYLE SECTION!!!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!! The article details a visit I took to NYC in March, where I dined with a crew of authors, poets, and journalists at The Lodge in Brooklyn. The evolution of my style throughout high school in suburban Las Vegas is even humorously recounted... enjoy!!

Everything is infinite!!

Bebe Zeva


  1. Beautiful !

  2. so beautiful dress!

  3. Love this look! The dress is so perfect...i love the cutouts. And i LOVEE the glasses as well.

  4. wow i love this! my faveourate post ever!!! xxxxxx

  5. this is really cool! definitely shows that long black dresses can be super classy and rockin', too! the cutouts are perfect- not too showy.

  6. you're looking fantastic again! and great jewellery :)

  7. OMG! i love it soo much! You look so pretty!

    Nice channel!
    I followed. I would love if you follow back mine.

    xoxo, Gloria

  8. You are so unique! I read the article you linked, very interesting.

    Love this outfit. You are one of my greatest inspirations with my black clothing. Hoping you keep yourself infinite as long as possible! :--D

    xx Paula || What's enough for a happy living?

  9. wow congrats Bebe!!! you are so great

  10. congrats chicky!

    God I love your witchy style! just not something you see much at all, you have a real talent for creating such dark looks but skipping the emo/goth vibe.

    Loves it.

  11. God, Love you and your style!! so much <3
    I'm following now have a nice day!

  12. I really like your blog and how you change things up and look different every time. But I didn't enjoy the article...

  13. Wow Bebe! I love this. : ) Hope we can meet at Magic this August.

  14. i just read about you on daily mail. and you are every bit as talented as they say you are!

  15. congrats on the NY post!! So awesome!!

  16. I just stumbled across your blog... I love it!!

    The dress your wearing here is amazing and I really dig how you've styled it.

  17. i love this look!! your style is flawless and amazing!!

    it would mean the world to me if you checked out the fashion blog I recently started:

  18. Just AMAZING!!!
    We don't have any other word for your blog!!.
    You have an amazing style, and gorgeus outfits!!
    So simply.. we love your blog!!
    We follow you! You can follow us back, if you want, at:

    Kises from Spain!.

  19. Stunning, as always. Particularly love the skull necklace!

  20. love it!

  21. the article was amazing. I loved reading it ..
    you are a very interessting person, that isn't scare to admit that she wants fame

  22. love this look! so dark, so beautiful!
    & congrats on the NYT! :D

  23. love the trashy jewellery, it's the best and those glasses are sick sick sick


  24. Amazing pics.
    Kisses raquel