Monday, April 1, 2013


A couple weeks ago I woke up in an optimistic stupor and immediately put my gym clothes on, ran six miles, showered, changed into this outfit, and walked to a local recycled clothing store where I traded a bunch of 'unnecessary' winter sweaters for $20 to spend on a shopping spree at 7-Eleven. This is unfortunately not a joke, and I have the receipt (and gas station food wrappers) to prove it. My uncharacteristic motivation that day seems banal to you, and I guess I'm only mentioning it to illustrate how boring my life is outside this web page. Why do all the people in boring outfits have such exciting lives meanwhile I'm rocking a NOT boring geometric overall dress lamenting that the most exciting part of my day was sucking the creme out of a Cadbury egg? And now that it's April 1st, I don't even have seasonal eggs to look forward to. What on earth am I supposed to spend $20 on for the next 11 months? Two orders of the 40 piece Chicken McNugget platter? I'd still have 58 cents left over, even after you calculate tax. Feel free to share your social sob stories in the comment forum below! 

About The Look: very clearly inspired by a nu-millennium hacker aesthetic, minimalistic, low-maintenance, hyperfunctional, and design conscious. Would have loved to incorporate more futuristic fabrics into this look to emphasize that innovation is *the most contemporary* accessory. But. Ya know. Cotton, pleather, and jersey knit will have to do. Just want to acknowledge that the concept of this dress is rad as hell: it's like a skirt with suspenders and a grid bodice attached. Linear on top, free flow on bottom, a subtle silhouette juxtaposition that I MOST DEFINITELY 'f*ck wit.' It's from Swaychic, a beloved and trusted online retailer I've supported since 2011, and officially called the "SUS TO DEATH" dress. SUS to death? That is literally the tightest shit. I did feel pretty stealthy in this monochrome ensemble. Potentially to death. We'll have to see how many SUS levels I ascend the next time I show off this little lattice number IRL.


Sunglasses - Ralph Lauren
Silver cuff necklace - OASAP
White turtleneck - American Apparel
Ankle boots - YES STYLE
Backpack - YES STYLE

P.S. I named this look after my greatest tweet ever

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. wow, you look amazing! love that lipstick color :)

  2. The mornings when you feel that motivated are the best. The dress is everything. I assume everyone has a more exciting life than I do!

  3. love this outfit! I dont have a social life at all! I get up around afternoon time on the days im off college and all i do is read my blogs and daydream of fashion and outfits and look at lookbook. Oh and i have no friends :) but i do have my fiance and hes amazing and im lucky that hes my best friend and gets the clothing thing :)

    Hayley xx

  4. You look kinda like how the future looked in the 90s, which is meant as a compliment!

  5. I'd like to see you run, especially in that outfit. I bet it'd be adorably cute.


  6. love this ! and that lip colour is too die for !

  7. So pretty !

  8. I hear you on the boring social side of things. My story is way too long to tell so let's settle for, I don't have any life at the moment. Maybe that's why our outfits are better than our social life, we have time to make a brilliant outfit that not many people will end up seeing

  9. This is so gorgeous
    S xx

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