Friday, January 10, 2014


I'm wearing so much of my favorite stuff in these photos it *hurts my brain* to think that I am so #blessed to have what prized possessions I own. This Living Royal skirt has seen some of my wilder nights -- I first debuted it at a club rager with a bunch of out of town friends... and didn't take it off for over 24 hours of partying, working, and school. Since it's actually a super comfy pair of white shorts with pink vinyl attached by zipper, it's a really practical piece. 

My crop top is a special treasure. Madeline (from Jean Greige) bought it for me downtown during her trip to Vegas in 2012. We had it airbrushed in hot pink and purple to match our beachy dolphin vibes. Almost two years later, I'm still feeling it.

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snapback, Romwe necklace, custom tank top, Living Royal "Hotwire skirt", vintage heels

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva