Wednesday, May 14, 2014

scuba x minty jungle

Every time my BFF Jessi and I are contemplating our outfits for an out of town gig or vacation themed event, we prioritize our likeness to our all-time favorite teen bully: Brianna Wallace. I've probably referenced her before in my Holiday in the Sun post, which was named after the movie she starred in (played by Megan Fox in her adolescence). We simply love outfits themed around that movie, which was actually a narrative infomercial for Atlantis resorts but marketed to Mary Kate and Ashley's youth audience as just another fun foray into the lives of America's white heroine sweethearts. There's an irresistible Weezer song playing in the intro. Here's why I love Mary Kate and Ashley: they were more or less sold into acting (not placing any blame here) and compromised the public experience of having their own unfiltered opinions, but as soon as becoming adults they rebelled against exactly that and became opinion leaders in fashion. They could have continued to exchange their identities for corporate campaigns with corporate scale paychecks. Instead, they welcomed adulthood and the process of having one's own opinions filtered not by a parent agent but by her personal, internal moral discretion. 

Anyway, so this look is an enthusiastic wave (you know what I hate? when people say 'a nod to (x trend)' -- why are you nodding? It sounds so pretentious and wannabe dignified. I would never nod at something I like, I would enthusiastically wave. Unless you're talking about a 'wassup' nod. I would say sup to a trend I like, but it's waaaay more likely that I would wave and give them a Ja'mie hug and double cheek kiss) to water sports and the contemporary integration of neoprene and PVC in fashion.

Now may I direct your attention to the star of today's show. Everybody, meet Minty Jungle, Minty Jungle, meet everybody. This what Minty Jungle looks like:

Sequin All Seeing Eye Top ($40) | Jersey Mesh Bralette ($29) | Faux Leather Harness ($30) | Velvet Zip Up Crop Top ($24) | Cheetah Print Bomber Jacket ($50) | Supreme Bitch Swimsuit ($60)

I'm loving this angry sport girl aura for summer.


My #OOTD features a Romwe top, 80s Purple sunglasses and Minty Jungle Uber leather skort.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. You look gorgeous and I really love reading you as well.

    xx Blanche

  2. Bebe, have you lost weight again? :/ I hope you're alright, take care of yourself!
    And lovely look btw, the Skort is amazing. ♥

    - Julia