Wednesday, June 18, 2014

heart set on ette

Been growing my bangs out for summer but the transition into middle-part-territory STILL hasn't happened. I've been trying to pull off the overgrown borderline feral fringe look by wearing more earthy prints and silhouettes. This tie-dye kimono from Ette does the trick. I love the way it drapes over a maxi dress and platform boots... reminds me of my beloved 2012 road trip lifestyle.

Check out how me and Jessi styled another Ette look at Taco Bell for The Fabulous Stains! We be thinkin' outside the bun ALWAYS.  Fab Stains x Ette Clothing

Everything is infinite,



  1. Love the pop of color for the silhouette of the maxi dress. That fringe necklace is everything as well. I would have never guessed to do a photoshoot at Taco Bell, lol, but of course you guys killed it. My place to do a photoshoot is at Del Taco so I can conveniently eat my chili cheese fries while "posing" for the camera lol.♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. Growing out bangs is annonying af, mine are 'half' sideways sorta so I can wear them to the side when they grow out and I can also trick people into thinking I have 'full' bangs, if this makes any sense. I don't think so. ANYWAY, you look gorgeous and I love that kimono!

  3. this is cool.