Tuesday, January 20, 2015

midi class

When I first caught glimpse of Alice Dellal's "boy" campaign for Chanel in 2012, my heart raced with the adrenaline of championship. It was a victory for punks of the affirmation-seeking genealogy, a home run in the department of respectful nods from arguably the most important fashion house of all time. No longer could one claim that ripped fishnets and semi buzzcuts were "un-Chanel" err tacky. The look was officially stamped with the seal of Wintour excellence. Rejoice! 

Of course, I wasn't actually one of those 'punks.' *My* sense of triumph stemmed from a smug eagerness to see counterculture imitated, insured by the approval of a militantly elitist white man, and sold back to the suckers who resolved to align themselves with resistance but defaulted to the flattery of seeing themselves reflected in the glossy pages of a magazine. It was both "in yo face!" for the hipsters who needed their style copied and repackaged before believing it was worth something, and "told you so!" for me. Yes, your undercut is 'high fashion.' So are your fingerless gloves, shredded tights, combat boots and smudged eyeliner. Because everything threatening, everything representative of revolt, everything suggestive of resistance is high fashion eventually. You get to see a Brazilian model who looks like you dazzled in Coco accolades, I get to see my economic prediction proven correct in 3...2...

Fast forward three years and grunge-en-vogue is still a formidable composition. For my look, I coupled a Romwe midi skirt with a mesh top I cropped myself. Since futuristic sneakers remain avant footwear for 2014, these secondhand boots might not make any seasonal appearances on the catwalk. But they're made for pounding pavement anyway. (Un)Fortunately at this rate of creative exchange, tastemakers might usher in an era of  sidewalk runways to replace traditional elevated platforms. Be warned: they know where to find our level. Down here. Gravity takes care of the rest. 

Chanel pendant, bangle, and earrings, Yes Style crop top, Romwe midi skirt, PinkBrix ring

Everything is infinite,



  1. This outfit is so cool. I love the mesh!


  2. Love the outfit! It's quite dark and absolutely fab! I'd love myself some mesh... (and Chanel {^-^})

  3. Great!! Love the total black outfit :)


  4. So obsessed with your style this look is awesome


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