Tuesday, May 3, 2011

80's FLOR▲L

Countering yesterday's dreary blacks with today's peppy pinks. I dressed myself up in this two-tiered pink skirt and floral top to somewhat reclaim the spark of my youth which is sadly fading fast... I'm turning 18 on Saturday! I wish I could be seventeen forever. Lately I've been drowning in the fear of losing my novelty. Perhaps people will grow bored with my opinions once they catch wind of the fact that I'm 'just another 18 year old' with a fashion blog. REALLY looking forward to the "you're a legal adult now, GET A JOB" comments. If I'm lucky they'll never come. I just need someone to pat me on the back and tell me that everything will be okay, and if it counts for anything, at least I still have a baby face.

Sheer pink bow- vintage
Floral top- Opportunity Village Thrift Store
Tiered tennis skirt- Tommy Hilfiger
Socks- Wherever they sell pink socks (aka every drugstore ever)
Ivory pumps- Ralph Lauren

Went easy on the accessorizing with this outfit because I felt like my lips were loud enough. I'm wearing Countessa Fluorescent lipstick by LIME CRIME and by god I could die right this instant and float serenely through the gates of heaven and into a mystic cloud of pastel purple...

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. Ahhh tell me about it, I just turned 19 :-(


  2. Love your outfit! You can do everything and look pretty!!


  3. You'll probs want to wear something to reflect your emotional anguish but THIS screams BIRTHDAY outfit all over it.

  4. 80'SS!!!! <3<3
    what's your mascara's brand? *_*


  5. At least you're still a teenager, I've just turned 20. Saddest. Day. Ever. 18 was the best though, if I could go back to any age it would be 18. I love the colour of your headband x

    Just a Thought

  6. I really like the headband and lipstick together. Don't worry you're still young! I'm 20 and don't feel any different from when I was 16 haha x

  7. You're pink fabulous !


  8. Cool look.

    Regarding the birthday? Look at it this way: you may not be a "novelty" anymore, but on another level you'll be taken more seriously. Something I'm damn well looking forward to...

  9. You'll never be just another eighteen year old with a fashion blog!


  10. wow love the bright pinks its so fun

  11. so here's my pat on the back ... haha no doubt you'll pull it off ^^

  12. I love your outfit, the shirt is amazing.



  13. u look stunning girls! your outfits are always original. xxx

  14. your fashion is absolutely amazing. i'm forever your blogstalker now.

  15. i love this outfit and all the pink really pretty. inspiring.

  16. I love the lighter look on you, the pink looks wonderful! I think it looks better then your more dark outfits, but it's good that you can switch back and forth and make both ends work! I'm totally digging the hair piece, I've done that a few times! xo

  17. That top is simply gorgeous - there are not enough words to describe how much I love it!
    I couldn't wait to be 18, was so excited - but I kinda think it's overrated and like you said the younger you are the better in the blogging world and 18 is just too old to be interesting now :/
    I saw your tweet about this lipstick too and I already have it - SUCH a gorgeous colour

    Little Humble Fashion Abode

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  19. Hi my dear! I just love your blog!

    Take it from a 23 year old...relish in these teen years while you can...18 is when your life just begins...18 will be a wonderful and fun year and they will continue to be great...once you have to worry about turning 25 like I do, is when we can sit and cry in a corner lol! no one can steal your thunder or light in the blogging world regardless of your age. I think you will find that as you get older more opportunities will open for you as a blogger especially with your unique and amazing since of style...look at Rumi Neely! Have fun and enjoy your life while you can...life is too short to worry my doll!!

  20. You are not just another 18 year old with a fashion blog! You are an 18 year old with a future in fashion. I found your blog quite impressive. You are duly book marked. Lime crime looks great on you. I love lime crime

  21. ILIKEIT. :3 then again, what else is new?