Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey everybody! In case you haven't already heard, Bobbi Brown launched a campaign that encourages women to recognize their inner-strength, confidence, and effortless beauty. It's called "PRETTY POWERFUL" because any woman can be pretty once she channels her personal power. In honor of the campaign, I've chosen to introduce you to a particularly powerful and positively pretty girl in my life... my sister!

Rachel has developed her own distinct sense of style and commands a strong presence as a self-identified feminist and art enthusiast. Her beauty expands beyond what's visible- it's the manner in which she carries herself that defines her identity. Rachel is ruthless, relentless, and resilient. She stands up for whatever she believes in wherever she is. Best of all, she stands up for herself.

You can follow in the footsteps of every dynamic Bobbi Brown girl by leaving a comment describing the qualities that make YOU pretty powerful! The reader with the best response will win a Bobbi Brown makeup palette!! That's right- I'm doing a giveaway!

Read more about the Pretty Powerful campaign right HERE and vote for your favorite Pretty Powerful campaign contestant. Don't forget- you can always enter and become the face of your state!!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. aww thats cute! you're sister is gorgeous!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. god she is freakin' beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! she's a feminist too which is the best!

  3. Your sister is so pretty, you look so alike! x

  4. Okay here I go-- I have kind of an odd face. Big eyes, straight eyebrows, small lips, roman nose and a sad line under my lip. Okay so I figured out how to make the best of what I got. I focus on making my eyes look dolly by drawing long fake eye lashes with a liquid eyeliner!! Then by always applying lipstick and making the top part of my lip super pointy. Makes me look like a strange interesting doll!! And I try to cover that sad line under my lip with foundation using a safety pin. ( yes I know weird)Makeup does help to create miracles. I think you should always focus on your most interesting features!! : )

  5. what a wonderful post. I bet your sister feels so special right now.

    Hmm.. Ok, here are some qualities that I feel make me Pretty Powerful: perseverance and resilience. Two years ago, in 2009 I set off to move to France to live there for a year. I went over as an au pair.

    All throughout my college years, I saved up $2,000 dollars to go. During my 4 years in college I paid my entire way through, by getting scholarships, grants and loans. It was hard. I cried. A lot. but I did it! I got into the honors program, and I graduated. I also got elected Social vice president.

    When my time came to leave for France, things didn't work out with the family. I was heartbroken. In less than a month, I was sent back home. All my money I had worked so hard to save up, was now gone. I felt so down I didn't know what to do. Not only was I now without money, I was now without a job. So, I made a job.

    In Oct 2009 I started Amberie, a jewelry and headband company on Etsy. My boyfriend gave me a loan of $35, and I turned it into over hundreds in profit, and I am now in two stores! Now, two years later I have returned France once, and I am planning on returning in Feb. next year. :)


  6. beautiful photos!! you look amazing in all of them <3

  7. Wow, your sister sounds pretty amazing. She's so cute, as well!

    Here goes:

    I'm pretty powerful because I've developed my own style. I don't feel pressured to conform to one standard of beauty. I could be a Gothic Lolita one day and a prep school girl the next. I wear what I feel, I define beauty on my own terms.

    I don't let others pressure me to be a certain way. I'm happy simply being who I am and accepting myself. That makes me pretty and powerful.

  8. nice pictures dear!!!i love round sunglasses!

  9. I really love her orange lipstick in the first picture.

  10. Your sister is beautiful:)!!!
    THANK YOU:)!!!

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  12. Wow! I really want to learn more about this campaign.

    I got all of my dad's looks and was told all my life about my manly features. I certainly felt pretty low about myself a time or two. Lately, however, I've been really trying to find something about myself that I love. I would say that although most of my features aren't the most naturally "beautiful", I do have some things about myself I can proudly say look GOOD. I love my hair! I was blessed with long blonde curls and I rock them pretty well. Realizing this helped me gain a whole new confidence. I started trying out all new hairstyles and up-dos. I feel so much better about myself and can now put myself out there with a smile on my face! Yes, I still have down days, but I've learned that no matter what...I AM pretty powerful in my own way!

  13. As a young teenager I wasn't "pretty powerful" at all - I tried to fit into the popular crowd of my middle school by copying their style, the way they dressed, etc. I couldn't speak for myself and I was always shy to try new things.

    However, during my sophomore year of high school, I gained what seemed to be a wave of confidence; I started dressing differently, the way I wanted to look, and my confidence just came naturally. I developed even more after that, and gained maturity in the form of kindness and acceptance.

    What I am trying to say is that I wasn't always the way I am now, but my progression in maturity, confidence, and personal style is what makes me "pretty powerful".

  14. One aspect of my being that I consider a very large part of who I am is my obsession with fashion. Anything and everything that has to do with style I am instantly attracted to. I go to a small school where "dressing nicely" is only to be done when going to a dance. I often get ridiculed for wearing outfits that doesn't consist of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Though I get many vulgar comments, I am proud of my fashion sense and even though it is hard now, I know when I become successful that it will all be worth it. Soon I will be starting a blog to channel my creative input.

    All in all, the fact that I was able to push past all of the hate, bullying, and negative energy to become who I am is "pretty powerful" to me. I am happy to say that I believe it's made me a better person.

  15. your sister looks lovely !

    What makes me "pretty powerful" is thinking of all my loved ones. My family, my boyfriend, my friends ... Just the thought of having people who love me as much as I love them makes me smile. And I never feel more beautiful than when I'm smiling! Because I know that whatever clothes or makeup I'm wearing, If I'm happy, it's gonna shine through !
    And makes it so much easier to deal with all the little crap that happens every day aswell!
    They make me feel pretty powerful everyday =) I feel like nothing is impossible !

    xxx Vee

  16. wow you guys look so alike! I thought she was you at first, lol ^.^

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  18. Your sister is just as fashionable as you are! I mean, different styles and everything, but she's gorgeous. Does she have a blog? And I went to the site and checked out all the contending women out. They are SO gorgeous and confident that I can feel it, even when I'm miles and miles away. :) ~What wise women.

    You got a pretty broad topic here, but I find that I feel the most powerful and confident and beautiful when my heart and my mind become one. I think with my heart and feel with my mind, and my whole soul or spirit just kind eases into life. Everything comes natural. Like when I hang out with my few but close and dear friends and enjoy it to my core without feeling or doing anything forced, both my heart and mind are at peace with everything around and inside me. It's like nothing can go wrong. That's a powerful feeling right there.

    I found that when one is out of sync, it can be pretty terrible. Like when I THINK I'm ugly, my heart follows along blindly, and the negative emotions poisons me, makes me feel like shit. When I FEEL like I didn't do enough, my mind says, "Work until you reach the stop," but it's impossible to do so because there's so many things in life you can't reach the top of.

    Having my heart and mind agree is like two people who are finally on the same page: it's so much easier to talk to them and work with each other. Then I convince them to see what was there all along--something you can't gain, only see: happiness.

    This sounds like a lot of abstract hooey-gablooey, but it helped me embrace my curly hair. It helped me convince myself to try and dress up, ergo I felt more confidant. It helped me value the people around me better. And it helped me look forward to my future. :)

    Sorry the post is so long. XP

  19. omg, i really love your blog, it's fantastic...your style is so eclectic!

    from glam atmospheres:

    i am a follower!

  20. What makes me pretty powerful is my self-motivation and confidence! I'm active in my community for events and issues that I feel strongly about... even if they are not the popular choice, I stand behind my side and will continue to support it. As a native Hawaiian, I feel very strongly about what happens to my people. As a whole, we have become a stereotype of "stupid Hawaiians"— I want to change that by advocating the educated Hawaiian in terms of the land, the culture, the Western world, and our people. By educating myself and educating others, I feel pretty powerful. By empowering myself, I empower others to be confident in who they are and how they identify with the community, the nation, and the culture. I believe in taking actions over words and remaining resilient in beliefs, but when I am wrong, I take responsibility. You cannot be a pono (righteous or good) leader if you cannot be ha'aha'a (humble) and serve from the side as well. The motto I believe always makes me feel pretty powerful is "Kulia i ka nu'u": "Strive for the summit." (This was the motto of King Kamehameha V, in case you were wondering.)

  21. I love these pictures. What kind of camera did you use? I love the whole grainy feel to it, gives it a vintagey look.

    xX Lauren E. Sottile //

  22. I just saw several of you blog posts and I love your style! You have briliant sense of what to put together! and I love you make up! I'm fallowing! kisses

  23. great blloG :D
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
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  24. You both are sooo pretty!

    What makes me pretty powerful??

    The fact that I'm a girl. I know it's pretty general but it's an undeniable fact that being a girl does put you in charge.

    What makes guys weak in just a single bat of an eyelash? Me. To whom do guys do everything in the name of love? To me. To whom do guys are careful with? To me. To whom do guys give way to? To me. Why? Simply, because I'm a girl.

    I can wear make-up without looking like I've put up too much effort. I can dress the way I want because I feel it. I can be a shoulder to cry on because I value friendships. I can be crazy, childish, cranky, sweet and hateful. I can wear guy clothes without looking like a guy. I can be whatever I want to be. Why? Because I'm a girl.

    Because I'm one heck of a creature that feels, loves and enjoys of everyday life. And yes, I'm beautiful because I'm a girl.

    And so are you..:)

  25. Amazing photos !

    If you like french fashion, you should check out my blog, and maybe follow it if you like it and wanna be the first to know when I post ;)


  26. Fantastic blog Bebe Zeva! Really a great inspiration to me to do my own thing :)
    hmmm....I think the quality in me that makes me pretty powerful is that I'm not afraid to go without a layer of foundation. I don't like to go about with the same face that tries to make me look 'perfect', or 'ideal' or fall under the standard label of 'beautiful'. I'm a human being, I have good days and bad days, but I don't need to hide that under half an inch of powder. True, I'm lucky and I rarely get spots, but apart from that, I'm sure there are many aspects of my face that one would not call 'ideal'. I wouldn't like to look perfect, which is why I like to exaggerate how big my eyes are.
    I don't want to follow the mould of girls having to look perfect and wearing foundation and make up so that boys like them. I don't wear make up to hide my insecurities, I wear make up to exaggerate the interesting features of my face, that make me ME. I pity girls that say, "I need to go and put my face on". I wouldn't describe myself as hot or stunning, but I would hate to describe myself as being 50% made up.

  27. what are qualities that make me powerful?
    i think what makes me powerful is that i know exactly what i want. i am 14 and last january i decided that i wanted to go to argentina for half a year. i did everything standing in my powers to get there. now i am in argentina, living with a hostfamily and all the time i invested to get here was worth it. thats what makes me a little powerful i think.