Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Oops, someone's got a case of the golden touch! I've swathed myself in speckled metallic, glitter, and gold. It's a good look for summer in spirit of the Olympics... which, ironically, I hate with all the power vested within me. It's one big fat excuse to advertise and inject politics into sports and, above all, compete with other nations for arbitrary titles that reinforce ideas of strength and greatness. Why is the western world so obsessed with competition? Why can't we seek entertainment from arenas that don't pit countries against one another, glorifying qualities like supremacy and power instead of equality and partnership? Everything sucks. Except pretty clothes. Which is why I'm wearing this sparkly outfit in the first place -- it's a distraction from the annoying planet I was born on. Ugh. WHY AM I NOT AN ALIEN?

Body chain - Shop Goldie
Sunglasses - 80s Purple
Midas dress - OASAP
Glitter socks - c/o American Apparel
Leopard heels - PINK & PEPPER

This body chain might be one of the best additions EVER made to my accessory wardrobe... everlasting thanks to Shop Goldie for gifting it! We'll be hosting a future giveaway so stay tuned for some FREE TREASURE. Other gold medals are awarded to my sparkly American Apparel socks and leopard print Pink & Pepper heels! Similar styles are for sale on Pink & Pepper's DSW page. I also recommend checkin' out their website here or following them on Twitter for updates about where to find their shoes online! Stay gold.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. I like this outfit and its ancient Greece vibe :). The chain really is beautiful.

  2. I love this look!

    The body chain is gorgeous and I love how you styled it!

    fits nicely with the olympics with the greek and gold going on although i saw your little rant at the top!!! ;)

    Project Rattlebag


    Seriously, I am in love <3 And you rock it so well. The chain piece is such a great addition.

    I kind of agree about the Olympics. The opening ceremony was cool this year, but then I found out how they're treating their clean up crew and was appalled. I'm with you, I'd rather be an alien sometimes

  4. The olympics of equality and partnership would be so funny.



  5. Such a cool outfit, you look amazing, like some big gold statue or something. I mean that in the best way possible, promise! :)

    Pip x

  6. I would never have thought that an all gold outfit could look so great! You look awesome, that body chain is insane!


  7. this is gorgeous..love this look!

  8. You look very pretty and I'm in love with that dress ! <3


    Whiskey in the Jar

  9. Amazing look, that dress is gorgeous! :)


  10. I just gotta say I love that body chain that body chain is a stellar accessory omg


  11. This post made my whole life so much better:P THANK YOU

  12. Insanely liking the body chain, and general fan of you looking like a gold version of Miss Liberty. Not so much liking the spirit of the rant above. If there's anything I hate more than anything, it happens to be what is known in NZ as 'tall-poppy-syndrome' where people consistently look for ways to cut people who do well down. I know sports might not your thing, it really isn't much of mine but there is a great deal of positivity in people doing well regardless of whether it is your thing or not.

    1. So valuing equality and partnership suddenly is tantamount to understating the "success" of others? This has nothing to do with sports, achievement, or fame and everything to do with values. And the concept of "doing well" is subjective anyway, so, no, there's actually no universal positivity in that at all. There is only positivity among people who value supremacy (which is how the Olympics gauges success) more than they value community. I am proudly NOT one of those people. I am a collectivist. A socialist. A moralist. With all due respect, your interpretation of my perspective is deeply flawed. I accept that people are going to disagree with my opinions because they don't want to change their mental framework. Where I'm coming from, it appears that most people do not want to dislike the Olympics because that would mean separating from the mainstream, and non-conformity is largely frowned upon in the Western world. I would, however, appreciate that people did not try to defend their love of the Olympics with rhetoric like "you're just jealous of successful people" because that's reductive and unfair. It's important to recognize that many people criticize popular people, trends, and events, not because they seek the thrill of undermining "successful" fixtures, but because they identify flaws (in a perfectly logical way) that challenge consensus. Just because an argument dampens spirits and is threatening to the status quo doesn't mean it's worth being interpreted as the product of its author's imagined character flaw. To me, that seems like a desperate excuse to invalidate my argument. Even if I were "consistently looking for ways to cut people who do well down," that wouldn't make what I said about the nature of the Olympics any less true. Logic, my friend. :)

    2. As a personal perspective I think as a society we should be working towards a platform so everyone has a equal opportunity at bettering themselves rather than being equals which is clearly where we differentiate greatly on ideals. Whether you agree or not, growth is rooted in competition whether this is subconscious or fiercely out in the open as it is in the Olympics. The innovations we have would not exist without the desire to be better in some form or another and the only real way to do this is to measure ourselves against others and their achievements or perspectives. I didn't mean to imply that I thought you were jealous, or that other were when they took similar stances (although this is clearly what you read out of it) but I do think it is far easier to look down at, and devalue the effort people place into an activity that is mainstream because there tends to be the association that people who participate in mainstream activities do so with far less thought than those who participate in alternative events which is an extremely unfair judgement.

    3. Yeah, we're never going to agree that competition (in this context) is a good thing. Growth can co-exist with equality, and the idea that innovations are the product of inventors/nations desiring to outdo one another is borderline ideological. (In other words, an excuse disguised as empirical evidence aiming to defend the status quo - the status quo being capitalism.) My issue with the Olympics, as I said before, has nothing to do with 'the mainstream' or 'athleticism' or how intellectual sports are or aren't. While your closing contention may be true about people who generalize (and how easy it is to generalize athletes and their careers), it is mostly irrelevant in our discussion about value paradigms. Nonetheless, I do appreciate that you are able to have a discussion about an event's political symbolism without injecting personal attacks! Makes our tete-a-tete that much more topical and objective. Thank you. :)

  13. Beautiful dress and accessories!

  14. gorgeous dress! you look stunning as always :D love this!

    Hayley xx

  15. work that lame, girl! (ugh, lack of accent mark).

    and the body chain is ridic.


  16. The body chain and arm bracelet are both magnificent, they make you look like a little Cleopatra. The eye-makeup and wrist bracelets are great too. Not sure about the rest - hair, glasses, lipstick, shoes - however, the dress is really nice though I think it'd benefit by being a tad more long. An alternative to the body chain would be to have the dress so that it is symmetrical going over both shoulders, and for it to be cut deeper down towards your breasts, leaving room for a golden neck-piece like the one you can see Beyoncé wearing in her "Girls" Music Video. I think it would make you look like a Pharaoh.

  17. its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well. speakers