Friday, December 14, 2012


Layering gold chains over a high-collar blouse and technicolor bomber jacket is nothing new, but my nylon sock cut-offs certainly are. Not everything I do can be explained... clearly. A random, leg-warmer-esque flash of red around the ankles is kinda (in the words of my best friend Jessi Jae Joplin) unorthodox in this context, but that's what I like most about the look. Novelty. And color. And floral print. And giant sunglasses. And the fact that I'm wearing another leatherette skirt twice in one week.


Sunnies - Cobrashop
"High Low Button Up Top" - BLAQUE MUSE
Bomber jacket - CHOIES
Leatherette skirt - ROMWE
Velvet heels - My Hot Shoes

So I'm kind of really annoyed with myself for not having introduced everybody to Choies earlier. Never have I seen more bomber jackets and leather paneled coats that I desperately want to buy in one place. It sincerely makes me short of breath so I feel compelled to warn you that if you browse the site for too long, it could (will) impose a health hazard and I don't want to be held responsible for the (inevitable) heart attack that could (will) ensue. I'M JUST A GIRL TRYING TO SHARE HER LOVE OF GIVENCHY-INSPIRED SILK JACKETS WITH THE WORLD. And purple faux fur coats like this one. And fluorescent flower print blazers like this one. And a puffy thing that will keep you warm in the winter. I'll for sure be back with more recommendations after a couple rounds with the inhaler. 

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. The leather skirt looks so fantastic on you! :) Wish it was mine :D

  2. gorgeous outfit love it! Love your bright pink shirt its awesome :D ive just found choies ! And im debating wether or not to get a gorgeous yellow/brown/white colour block 60s dress. What do you think? Should i hide from my bank account and jump and get it?

    Hayley xx

  3. the jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

  4. As always, your outfit is fabulous. I'm definitely wearing my leatherette skirt on sunday. That jacket is gorgeouuuuuussssss <3

  5. Lovely outfit !

  6. cool!

  7. Fab!!


  8. Looking fab as always and rocking those socks!

  9. You've definitely made them cut-off socks work!
    Megan xxx

  10. So awesome! xx

  11. Oh my GOD, I've been wanting leg-warmer/sockie-things like that for a while and I didn't even think they were real. And they're real. Trying SO HARD TO BREATHE!!!

    The rest of the outfit though. RESPIRATION IS FUTILE

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