Saturday, December 22, 2012


This might be one of my FAVORITE ever outfits. In fact, I tweeted about it in early October: "thinkin bout never publishing photos of my fave outfit so i can keep wearing it around different ppl without anyone accusin me of A Repeat". Well, I've finally gotten around to blogging about it so I SADLY can no longer wear it... unless you guys are understanding of how much I adore it and grant me permission to repeat the look, Wish Upon A Star sabotage style. You BETTER understand that Disney Channel Original Movie reference. Or else we have absolutely nothing in common.


Sunglasses - 80s Purple
Jacket - Diesel
Beavis and Butthead tee - Secondhand
Plaid skirt - 9 CROW STREET
Skechers boots - Buffalo Exchange

So, reasons why I'm bleepin' obsessed with this look: beret and lace-up work boots combo. That is NOT normal for me, and in fact the marriage of such random items was an accident. Came together as I dragged the Skechers out of my closet and into my work space, where I had thoughtlessly dropped my little hat moments earlier. Shrugged my shoulders and accepted that fate clearly wanted this pairing to happen. UNIVERSE, YOU GOT IT RIGHT. Second reason: BEST GOSH DARN PLAID SKIRT I'VE EVER OWNED. And who do I thank? None other than 9 Crow Street for hookin' it up! Maybe you remember the collages I put together a couple months ago hilighting their online vintage selection. They've since added TONS of new secondhand stock, from tie-dye dungarees to studded biker jackets fastened from authentic leather at a discount price. CHECK IT OUT *HERE*. Third reason: Beavis and Butthead. Too obvious. This tee was a gift from one of my awesome friends, always lookin' out for 90s relics that I'll appreciate (and wear the hell out of to prove it). I hacked off the sleeves so I could wear it any season with a bandeau top underneath. My sister likewise marvels at its grungy greatness. Of course Beavis and Butthead are rockin' out with the words "BREAKIN THE LAW" emblazoned across the top and bottom... if ya too cool for school, drop out.

Everything is infinite

Bebe Zeva


  1. This look is killss Love it Bebe!

  2. I sure do give you the permission to wear this outfit again! I totally understand why you love it so much ;)

  3. This outfit is so effortlessly cool, I love the plaid skirt and t-shirt combo!

  4. love your shirt! xx

  5. Would be a shame if you never wore it again ;) Love it!!



  6. LOVE the skirt! So Cher from Clueless x

  7. Love the glasses and tartan skirt, such a striking look :) x

  8. That skirt reminds me of the one of my uniform hahah
    What I like of your blog is that a lot of different styles suits you! I don't know how you do it!

    Cool Shooting

    $ophie, xx

  9. Love that skirt! I need it! And I adore the boots too!

  10. Jealous of all your shoes! Really adore the skirt.

  11. Love the outfit..! Great color combinations and perfectly accessorized..! An awesome example of latest trends in girls' wear..!

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