Tuesday, September 3, 2013


You've definitely seen this tropical print on me before -- I've worn the bomber twice already, once with velvet leggings (HIBITCHSCUS) and once with leopard print shorts (TROPIC FEVER). But you've never seen its matching dress! Yes, the hibiscus bomber has a hibiscus twin. Prints on prints are popular this year, especially as matching sets gain popularity and designers, stylists, and consumers alike opt for looks that feel deliberately 'put together.' I didn't even buy the bomber jacket from the same website as I bought the dress! I just knew I couldn't debut the latter without the former... it needed one extra layer. And what better than identical outerwear?

I should probably acknowledge my awkward ~1 month absence from blogging... August was *the* most hectic month of my summer/entire life. I moved out of my mom's house, temporarily lived in a hotel, temporarily lived with a friend, then begrudgingly moved back in with my mom, went to New York City for 10 days on an admittedly cliche soul-searching expedition, then re-enrolled in college, where I am right now, typing out this blog post. I have also eaten 400 calories worth of wheat thins since I started this paragraph. So as you can surmise, I am completely out of control and not even remotely closer to understanding 'who I am' or 'what I want to do.' All I know is that I am compensating for an absence of identity with copious amounts of whole grain crackers. I'm hoping that having to attend classes and respect deadlines will reinstate some structure and normalcy in my life... and as a result I'll get back to blogging more regularly. ^_^


Silver baseball cap - Buffalo Exchange
Hibiscus bomber jacket - YES STYLE
Hibiscus print dress - ROMWE

I've worn this silver baseball hat at the very least 500 times between now and last August when I bought it... made its initial grand appearance in LA and has topped off outfit themes like sports luxe, cyber swag, and everything in between. I'm SHOCKED that I haven't showed it to you before?!?! I feel like every one of my readers has been cheated of some veeeeery central information.

It's probably a good thing that I haven't played out the silver hat signature... I'm definitely on the fast track to becoming predictable with my cuff necklace and lucite sandal obsession. Pray for my creative process. PRAY. I should probably invest in more jewelry and shoes. I'm just too overwhelmed with life right now to allot any time to online shopping. Still need to buy all my college textbooks, print out my homework, write my novel, and respond to the one million unanswered emails festering in my inbox. 


Shopping online eternally comes first.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. I love that you're open about the chaos in your life. So many blogs are about cupcakes and (apparent) control, but it's nice to see that you're all over the place. I just moved to New York City (for a second attempt) and I'm doing some couch surfing in Brooklyn until I can find an apartment that I can afford. Tonight I'll be toasting to getting my shit together. Good luck with school! I just graduated and really miss classes.

  2. This outhit outfit is just amazing xx

    S xx

  4. I love that the bomber and dress are matching but come from different sites! Awesome. Its a gorgeous outfit and you look great in it! Well i hope everything calms down for you soon :) Dont worry about not knowing where to go, you are still young! You will figure it out :) Hope you are enjoying college. And good luck with the internet shopping ;)

    Hayley xx

  5. lovely!


  6. Beautiful dress!


  7. Amazing dress! I love the open back :D
    And very nice heels love the degradé <3

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  9. I love that the bomber and dress are matching but come from different sites! Awesome. Its a gorgeous outfit and you look great in it! Well i hope everything calms down for you soon