Wednesday, March 4, 2015

out of the bloom

Driving through downtown LV with my mom (both photographer and chauffeur), there wasn't a specific location I had in mind to background this technicolor jester look. Until we spotted The Wall. A shade of blue that perfectly, eerily, downright paranormally matched the hues in my vinyl cap and floral bomber. The alley was deserted, just as I like it, so I was free to ham and cheese it up in my platform Timb knockoffs and chainlink hula hoop earrings. There's physically no way to 'keep it together' in an outfit like this. So if you expect me to play it cool the next we're seen in public together, remind me to specifically leave the checkered harem pants at home. Although it will be hard, as they have a mind and a mouth of their own.

Choies floral print snapback, Pink Brix rainbow chain hoops, Butterface Vintage "Whatever" choker, OASAP rose print bomber jacket, Romwe platform boots

Everything is infinite,



  1. Love your mom being the chauffeur. :) And those chequered harem pants are the world. :)

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  2. gimme dem boots!

  3. love your style.
    the colour is really amazing!

  4. You're so gorgeous! Everything about you is perfect! xx

  5. I love the wild overall look you achieved. Your hair and your lipstick are GORGEOUS! I also love the print and colours of your Oasap jacket, your floral print hat, your Butterface Vintage "Whatever" choker and your checkered harem trousers.

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