Monday, March 2, 2015

viva rosa

Since bandana paisley and floral print are clearly my shit this season, today's outfit makes me feel like I did myself a generous service. Several other elements of this look that more or less define my personhood: impractical vinyl wedges paired with hyperpractical velvet joggers, clubmaster sunglasses (especially ones reflecting the downtown Vegas skyline), striped faux fur and a spectrum of reds from matte rouge on my lips to a maroon orange in the bricks behind me. Athletic glamour will never go out of style. Like, ever. I mean at least until its ineffable charm is subsumed by a Wal-Mart boardroom of coolhunters. We still got time, people.

This oversize tee, which functions just as well (if not better) as a dress, is accented by both a rose bouquet around the collar and a silver zipper that splits up the hem as it draws eyes down to the second half of the ensemble. Y'all gotta check out Ovidius Clothing and their other designs -- prints are the team's specialty. There's def a lot going on in this look but I better not need to explain why that isn't a bad thing... if you're on this blog, you're no stranger to maximalism. Living in a highly excited state of overstimulation since '93.

Ovidius Clothing "Rosa" XL tee, MeeMee Mono Stripe Faux Fur Coat, Sheinside joggers, Pink Brix Coco Ring and Brandi Choker

Everything is infinite,



  1. love the whole look! great coloring.

  2. really love your style. new follower!

  3. wow! I love how you have the courage to swear in your post, it makes it so much more personal! You successfully managed to mix (you must have pure talent) beautiful writing and substantial vocabulary with realistic like you were right there talking to me. This blog is truly amazing and my favorite fashion blog!