Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Despite what the title suggests, I was anything but clueless while dressing myself earlier this week. Don't get me confused with a used car salesman, my style inspiration was Cher Horowitz from the iconic 90s film and television show. Being 'in with the times' gets old after a while! The best outfits are those that incorporate authentically antique charms. I sought to salvage the spirit of 1995 with this incredible - and quintessentially clueless - plaid suit. Somebody fetch me a giant cell phone!!

My signature cap- vintage!
Plaid jacket and high waisted shorts- Parao, handed down to me from Technorazzi blogger Christine Marie who knew I'd appreciate it in all it's magenta rayon glory!
Belt- vintage
Heels- Ralph Lauren

You don't have to think it's glamorous or flattering, but you are BEYOND obligated to acknowledge that I look like a divalicious high schooler from Beverly Hills circa 19kwhatever. Just look at that raspberry and turquoise plaid print...

In case you're wondering where on Earth I could have possibly worn this multicolor masterpiece (YES, I did just call it a masterpiece, dealwithit.gif), I'll tell you! Travis and I had a day out on the Strip that ended with me meeting Lindsay Wilson, an internet penpal who visited all the way from Toronto, Canada! Pictorial evidence of us unabashedly lifing in an MGM Starbucks:

The following photo is inspired by Myspace

VERY sassy. Send me your feedback, friends and foals!

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. wow You're pretty and your clothes just so unique :D :D :D I really love this ahh! I love your shoes too :P

  2. I saw your look on lookbook and just had to visit your blog!
    really outstanding and special style!

  3. Its totally Cher, love it!!
    Im hosting a giveaway, would love for you to enter!


  4. oh my you very much look the part....
    love the suit and the black beanie is the perfect touch...
    you relly amaze me with your inspiring get-ups.....

  5. I love your blog so much! I came across it the other day on the Teen Vogue fashion click, and I love everything you wear! You have such a great sense of style and great photography!

    Definitely following!

  6. awesome , great colors
    I like the poses as well

  7. Was just searching google for the clueless suit and one of these pics turned up! I loooove this suit so much! And cant believe how different you look <3 im not used to seeing the younger you :) glad to have stumbled upon this post <3

    Hayley xx