Thursday, December 9, 2010


My green, brown, and red Ralph Lauren blouse was begging to be paired with any apparel piece that would honor its equestrian spirit. I think this olive green blazer was just jockey enough. The theme wasn't perfect (I would have preferred riding boots and gauchos), so I'll leave you with my favorite self-aware and post-ironically irrelevant catchphrase: "but hey, whatever works."

Blazer- Tahari
Blouse- Ralph Lauren
Belt- Brighton
Jeans- Hudson
Ankle boots- Steve Madden
Messenger bag- Vintage

The close-up of my blouse print spotlights the immortalized champion horse-riders. If only I was elegant and knew how to ride...

Here's a 'gratuitous picture of myself' exposing the bang trim ONE MORE TIME.

I will post more elaborately very soon! My sister is on winter break and I'm in virtual high school so it looks like I'll be having a lot more free time in the upcoming weeks.

Everything is infinite,

Bebe Zeva


  1. i love the top paired with the blazer. absolutely adorable!

    wolves and sparkler

  2. I love the delicateness of the bébé fringe. It doesn't distract from your beautiful dainty face at all and looks very sweet.
    I agree with you about the boots.
    The belt is amazing and looks like it weighs more than you.
    And not sure what you mean about elegant because you are so elegant, even in denim.

  3. so perfect! and i need to know how you get those eyelashes to look SO PERFECT!

  4. That shirt is possibly one of the best things I have seen in a while. It's incredibly country looking. It looks like it belongs to a manor-dwelling Lady.
    I love your outfit, the theme is so brilliant. I understand what you mean about the boots but I think it looks great anyway.

  5. i just love LOVE love the look! <3

  6. !! They worked out just find!!! I love your belt, or blazer and your jeans >"< gosh! your bang is pretty and I guess without glasses is even prettier :D!!!! I'm telling the truth :D

  7. Your eyes are hipnotising!